2017 Goals

I wasn't originally going to make this post because publicizing my goals wasn't really something I was comfortable with but after an afternoon of reading my friend's goals, I felt inspired to write down what I want to achieve in 2017 not only in my personal life but with my blog as well. I guess it's because so much has changed in my life in 2016 and I accomplished so much, setting little goals for myself for this year would be great. I think what I plan to do is start a personal categories on my blog and have categories like, "30 Things Before Turning 30", a bucket list, etc (under the About Me)

Although people already describe me as an optimistic person, I used to always say "I think I want..." instead of saying "I want" or "I will achieve", etc. After reading "The Success Principles" in the summer of 2016 (which I mentioned in my current favourites post), I started to make even more positive changes in my life. One of the lessons you learn in that book is to be specific with your goals. For example, "I want to go to NYC in Summer 2017" versus "I want to go to NYC". Even though you set yourself a deadline, it motivates you to work harder to achieve your goals by that time. I will be specific as possible in these goals but I also understand that if you don't achieve your goals by your targeted date, it's completely understandable as long as you've been trying.


Find a full-time job after summer 2017 (in social media, digital marketing, fashion, communications)
I'm lucky enough that I'm returning back to my summer job from last year so my goal is to find a full time job in a field where I can express my creativity after the summer!

Continue to focus on myself
The past 6 months have been dedicated to focusing on myself and what I want in life. Although I have been continuing to learn more about myself in this time, I want to spend more time to myself which means no serious relationships for now!

Put effort into relationships that add value to your life
I'm stubborn. I don't give up easily and although that is a very positive characteristic, you shouldn't put in effort into a friendship/relationship that is basically one-sided. 

Spend less money on food
Despite the amount of shopping people think I do, I spend way more money on food. I just love exploring new places in Toronto! My goal is to spend less money on food (especially in the summer).

Capture more memories on camera
After watching my end of the year video I posted on Instagram, I realized how much I love capturing moments. I know a bunch of people say "You don't need to record every moment of your life" but I honestly love it. I'm not saying I'll record everything or take a photo of every meal but I love love love watching videos of my friends and I and just reminiscing on those moments!

Read two self-help/motivational books
I always thought these kinds of books were lame but after listening to a good friend of mine about reading "The Success Principles", I started to read more self-help books and I love it. I love reading other people's stories on their journey to success.

Learn more about my friend's religions and cultures
For most of my life, all my friends have been either the same religion or a different branch of Christianity. I've recently met people who have different religions and cultures so I'd love to learn more about their family traditions, etc.


Less #OOTD posts and more styling posts
I already don't post that many #OOTD posts but I'm going to try to slowly stop them completely. I love being able to provide inspiration but in a more helpful way. For example, my "$50 Outfit Challenge" oufit posts. I'm not one for "This is what I wore today" because I find that my Instagram is enough for that!

Post more on my "Creative's Corner" category
If you're a new reader, you wouldn't know about my "Creative's Corner" category I used to have on my blog! This section was for more creative posts in terms of how I presented my content. Once I post my first one of this year, I'll add it to the navigation bar! For now, you can click here for it :)

Attend more fashion events
Last year, I was extremely lucky to attend many events. From Dave Lackie's VIP dinners to ESQIDO's launch to NYX events, I could not be more thankful for having those opportunities. Although, since my niche is fashion, attending more fashion events would be incredible! Since Toronto Fashion Week is cancelled now, it'll be a bit harder to find fashion events around but there still are fashion previews I could get invited to!

Work on publishing at least 50% of my current drafts
If you're a fellow blogger reading this, I know you too have MANY drafts that you either felt uninspired to complete or were too lazy or just procrastinated. I don't have as many as some of you but I currently have 43 and I plan on publishing at least half of them by the end of the year. They're pretty extravagant ideas but I can't wait for you to see them!

Collaborate with more local bloggers
Collaborating with other bloggers has been by far one of the highlights of blogging. Through collaborations, I met Mikayla and Carolina who have become such close friends of mine!

Publish 100 blog posts
Last year's goal was actually 75 which I was able to surpass! Not by much but I accomplished it. This year, I'm aiming for 100.


Last year, I set the goal of reaching 500 followers (I actually started out with 300 in January 2016) so the fact that I ended the year off with 1.4K followers was absolute insanity. I really thought it'd take so much longer to reach where I am now because I tweet what's on my mind and 90% of the time, they're story times of things that happen in my life or random realizations I come across. This year, I'm going to be ambitious and go for 2.5K.

I didn't achieve my 2016 goal of 1K followers on Instagram BUT I did manage to go from 300 to 800 which I still find incredible. If you're a blogger, you know the pain of gaining followers on Instagram and how hard it is to gain engagement as well. I've been very fortunate that alongside my growth in followers, I've gained engagement as well. This year, my Instagram goal is 2K.

I honestly never thought I'd start a Facebook page but I really wanted to start an Instagram business profile and since you need to connect to a Facebook page, I thought I would bite the bullet and just do it. More people use Facebook than you'd think so I would recommend starting one! I'm setting this goal to 200 likes.

Again, I didn't think I'd ever start a Youtube channel. I recently started one in November 2016 because I always wanted to but HATED my voice so to talk to a camera and then edit and hear it was not my cup of tea. After one night of drinking, I made a Snapchat video of myself and was like "You know what, I think I could vlog, I'm used to my voice, I like it, let's do it" and that everyone, is how I started. Since my focus this year will be on my blog, I'm setting myself a small goal for Youtube which will be 100 subscribers!

I have SO many goals that I want to accomplish in life so these are ones I will be focusing on in 2017! Leave a comment down below what goal you're planning on achieving in 2017 or send me your blog post :)
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