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Spring Beauty Trends with Dave Lackie

Friday, April 28, 2017
Good morning everyone! Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Dave Lackie's Spring Beauty Trends Event with Hudson's Bay and Cityline. My favourite part about any event that involves Dave Lackie is the educational portion of it (super nerdy, I know) but he always enlightens us with fun stories and great back stories on the brands we're celebrating at the time. 

For this event, it was all about spring beauty trends (obviously because of the title) but during the whole event, I actually took notes because I was learning so much and I thought it'd be great to share a few of the things I found interesting.

I didn't take photos during the event but the photos shown are my favourites from the goodie bag all the guests received and beauty looks I pulled from NYFW. Below is my absolute favourite which was Marc Jacob's Decadence.



This trend is something my best friend Mikayla, from MAK Style will LOVE. Pink has been all the rave this year in fashion so it's no surprise that it's a beauty trend. I for one, have only worn neutrals on my eyes so I don't see myself wearing pink eyeshadow any time soon!


The floral decal may be a bit much but I totally see this as something people will wear to Coachella. Dave mentioned how he predicts it will be more of a faint floral decal design versus the bolder looks seen on runway shows.


I'm all about this trend...this is basically a smudgey, not super perfect look but also not like you woke up after a night out. It's perfect considering I'm no where a master at makeup but I'm slowly learning! 


Last year, it was all about ombré lips! I wasn't the biggest fan of the trend at first but for me, I love the subtle ombré look like I did with Bite Beauty that you can read here. This year, it's all about the eyes. You might think, "Isn't it just a smokey eye because of the gradient?" -- this year, it's more about using bolder colours like pink and yellow or green and blue.


1) Keep your fragrance upside down in the box to keep the moisture. It will increase the longivity of the fragrance

2) Invest in a lavender lipgloss to brighten your eyes and achieve a whiter smile (This is a tip from the lovely Nina Westbury)

(I wish I had more trips and tricks for you but it's hard to update your social media + take notes and listen attentively during events but hopefully you love these two!)


1) Giorgio Armani is referred to as "Mr. Armani" if you work with him

2) It took 3 years to come up with the iconic Armani Sì scent

3) If you work for Armani in Milan, you're not allowed to wear heels because he doesn't like the sound of heels

4) Armani built his own runway studio

5) Mr. Armani has to approve everything - even invitations

6) Bobbi Brown cold called when she first moved to NYC because she didn't know anyone

7) Miriam Nelson, legendary Hollywood choreographer is known for choreographing the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's and is also featured in it

8) When the Queen. St. Hudson's Bay location was built, it was burned down 3 months after opening so they had to rebuild it again

9) The middle section of the front row is the most prestigious place to sit during NYFW. Bloggers and influencers have now taken the spot where magazines used to be (aka front row)

Let me know in the comments what your favourite part of the post was! Mine was definitely the fun facts about Mr. Armani :)

Styling a Statement Bag (ft. Coach)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Good morning and happy Sunday! How was everyone's weekend? It's weird to be posting on a Sunday but I wanted to get this post done in time for the end of the Coach campaign. Although I already posted what was required for the Spring 2017 campaign (photos on Instagram), I thought I'd show how I was able to style the Swagger 15 (in Deep Coral) in different ways. I kept coming up with so many outfits that I figured I'd compile it into one post!
OUTFIT 1: Vintage Vibes

I've worn this outfit (sans cabby hat and bag) at work so many times the past summer but with the additional items, I think it gives off a vintage vibe. The Swagger 15 bag is the perfect pop of colour and this particular size is great if you're someone who doesn't really carry a lot of items in their bag. If you do, I recommend you get a bigger size but the silhouette of it is a classic that you will never get tired of! 

Outfit Details
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Coach

OUTFIT 2: Embroidered Mix
I am absolutely, 100% obsessed with this outfit. I posted it on Instagram right away and also a bunch on my Twitter. That's how you know you really love an outfit - when you post it on all social media. Anyways, I love the embroidery on this mesh dress from SheIn! It's so cute and the little cold shoulder and bell sleeve detail are my favourite. I will admit the elastic on the sleeves are a bit tight so it's not as comfortable as it could be but I'm sure after you wear it out it won't be so bad.

Outfit Details
Dress - SheIn
Fishnets- Dollarama
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Coach

OUTFIT 3: Casual Fringe

I was a bit hesitant on the blazer at first but it actually looks really cute on! The fringe detailing on the bottom and sleeves add a bit of interest to the outfit but my favourite part is the pink tribal print on the sleeves and the middle of the jacket. 

Outfit Details
Top - Forever 21 (old)
Blazer - SheIn
Jeans - Bluenotes (old)
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Coach
How would you style a statement bag? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with SheIn and Coach. Products were sent to me to feature either on my blog and/or  Instagram.

How I Got Lighter Hair Without Damaging It (ft. Rob Pizzuti)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ever since I got my hair dyed back in October, I've loved experimenting with different hair styles. My hair is naturally very dark (not jet black though) so whenever I style it, it's not that noticeable. The natural tones of brown that Rob Pizzuti added to my hair were absolutely perfect so when I got my haircut and a lot of the colour was gone, I was quite upset. Thankfully, Rob was there to the rescue and a couple of weeks later, I went back to Blyss to get my hair dyed for the spring/summer.

We went for the same concept like last time which were the colours on my glasses but added more golden-y brown pieces. Like I said a while back, I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to dying my hair but people always told me how whenever you go from dark to light, your hair will feel dead and unhealthy because of the bleach. That was my biggest concern so when Rob offered to do my hair the first time, I was really anxious about that.

The great thing about everyone at Blyss Salon is that they're very welcoming and are more than happy to answer any of your questions which is why I thought for this post, I'd add in a few hair tricks and tips I've learned recently alongside showing the process of my hair transformation.
Before anything happened, Rob and I discussed the concept of what would happen to my hair. Basically, we were going for a high impact but low maintenance look at the end. If you're like me, then you probably don't get your hair done every few months (which can get expensive very quickly) so a low maintenance look is fab because you can grow out your hair and not need to worry about touching my the roots so often.
Since my hair is very dark and I was going for a lighter look (even more dramatic than last time), we used Pai Shau's Biphasic Infusion to add moisture to prevent all those negative things you hear about going from dark to light. After letting it sit for a few minutes, we began the colouring process.
Instead of purely using aluminium foil, Rob uses a combination of saran wrap and aluminium foil. He uses the saran wrap on the back to keep an eye on it before using foil on the sides and front of my face. We ended up toning it to achieve more of a beige gold look instead as well.

During the styling portion of the appointment, I learned how to add a bit of volume to my hair (without any products) which is a huge look for me to achieve. I've been using Pai Shau's Volume Opulent Spray which has worked wonders but I also learned that if you blow dry you hair the complete opposite way of the way you'll wear it, it'll add a bit of volume. For my hair, it only adds a bit because it's so heavy but if you don't struggle with that then you'll probably achieve a more voluminous look!

Considering I wear my hair both parts, Rob coloured my hair in a way that if I wear it on one part, I have very subtle highlights on top but I flip it to the other side, it's more dramatic and a lot of the colour will show.

If you want to achieve a similar hair colouring like me, I have to say that you can't really just ask for balayage or highlights because Rob used a combination of both and to be honest, he makes each of his client's colouring unique to them so if you are in the Toronto area and would love to get your hair coloured, I strongly strongly recommend checking Rob out at Blyss Salon. I guarantee you that you will not regret it! 

Lastly, like last time, my hair feels healthier after getting it done and that 100% has to do with the Biphasic Infusion for adding moisture to my hair. I also love that you can use it before and after styling your hair depending on what look you want to achieve. If you want to add moisture then use it before but if you want to add shine, then use it after you're done styling! I tend to use it both ways but mainly use it after only if I'm shooting blog photos that day!

Thank you so much to everyone at Pai Shau, Blyss Salon and especially Rob Pizzuti! Be sure to follow him on Instagram because he has some exciting news that's coming out soon :)
What do you think of the new hair transformation? Let me know in the comments below!

Zaful Wishlist 2017 (ft. Off Shoulder White Dress)

Monday, April 17, 2017
Happy Easter Monday! How was your long weekend? I went to Ohio for a few days and it was great stocking up on favourite foods (like Trader Joe's cookie butter cookies) and getting to explore Downtown Columbus. I will admit it's not as lively as Toronto but I did get a bunch of great photos that'll be posted on Instagram.
Anyways, todays post is brought to you by Zaful. Zaful is an affordable yet trendy website (comparable to SheIn and ROMWE) that contacted me to work with them. They have the cutest off the shoulder white dresses as well! This is going to be the first post with them and later on, I will be posting a product review of one of the following items you'll see in my wishlist!

I think it's pretty obvious what the recurring theme is in this wishlist...denim. I've been wanting to get more denim in my closet mainly because of how versatile the pieces are and how they can be worn throughout the year. My favourite denim pieces in this wishlist though are the frayed hemed denim skirt and the cutoff flare jeans. The frayed hem makes the typical a-line denim skirt a little different and same with the layers on the jeans. It's such a unique touch that I love!

The white dress and romper are more towards summery pieces but after my little trip to Ohio where it was up to 30 degrees, I'm already thinking about summer clothes! 

Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments so I can review it! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend - I'm busy studying for exams which explains my absence from social media and the lack of outfit posts this month. Don't worry though, come May, I will be bombarding you with style posts :)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Zaful. All opinions are my own.

All Year Round Favourite Accessories

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Something I haven't told you guys about are my all-year round essentials/favourites. You usually see me wear pieces on repeat then I won't wear it again until the following year (which is still good). I wanted to share some of my favourite year-round accessories.

Western belts have been around for over a year already and I'm so happy to finally have my hands on one! I purchased mine from ASOS for $25 CAD which I thought was a steal for the quality and price. A lot of other companies sell identical ones for so much more so if you're looking to get one, definitely check out ASOS. I love how versatile it is and the double buckle detailing makes the outfit different.

A post shared by Adrienne Naval (@aanaval) on


I know everyone says to get a black crossbody because it's a staple and I believe that it is as well. I like using a white crossbody instead because I think it works better for me because of the clothing I wear. I tend to wear a lot of darks and neutrals in the winter. I think a white crossbody makes the outfit pop a bit. Then in the spring/summer months, I tend to wear lighter colours anyways which white compliments perfectly!

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This is one of my favourite hats to wear! Surprisingly, I was able to fit in a one-size hat in Forever 21 (which if you know, is nearly impossible for me most of the time!). I wear a bunch of different hats like beanies, cabby hats and even a straw hat. Each season, I swap out my capes and hats for the appropriate season that I keep in a box above my closet. This particular hat is the one I always keep out because it's the perfect style that fits any season! Plus, with the neutral colour, it makes it easy to match with any outfit. If you don't know, I always love choosing a shade of grey over black because I feel like black is too harsh.

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I always thought the idea of wearing sunglasses in the winter didn't make sense but because we had a lot of sunny days in the winter this year, I realized how sunglasses are perfect all-year round. I particularly love mirrored ones simply because they make your outfit 2389473892x cooler. You all know how obsessed I am with the PENELOPE pair from EyeBuyDirect and you bet I'll be wearing them on repeat this spring/summer!

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I'm sure I've mentioned how whenever I'm too lazy to put together an outfit, I throw on a plain top with a statement always makes it look like you tried without actually trying. I always opt for my Bauble Bar necklaces but in particular, it's the silver one photographed below! I got it a couple of years ago and find that it matches with so many different pieces. I also have a rainbow one that I use whenever I want a pop of colour.

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What accessories do you wear all-year round? Let me know in the comments below!

27 Places To Take Better #OOTD Photos: Toronto

Monday, April 10, 2017
This series on my blog makes me so happy because everything is aesthetically pleasing (even though there's only one other post in it). For the second post in this series, I thought I'd show some great places to take photos, specifically OOTD photos for fashion bloggers. I'm sure other fellow bloggers could relate to having the perfect Instagram feed and wanting to go to the cutest places for photos. I thought I'd categorize it into a few different sections since every blogger has a different aesthetic, I think this should cover most of them!


1) Aga Khan Museum
A post shared by Eliana Jones (@elianajones) on

The ROM and the AGO are the typical places to go when you think of museums and galleries in Toronto. If you go a bit north of the city, you'll find the Aga Khan Museum; it's is filled with Islamic art which is so much different from Western art (which is what most people are used to seeing). The exterior of the building is very modern for those who are into the minimalist design.

2) King and Bay St
A post shared by Carolina Pinglo Rizo Patrón (@carepinglo) on

This is such a popular spot for street photographers. There's a great open space and in between two buildings, you can see the CN Tower. Since the surrounding buildings are black, it makes for such a perfect street style shot where you don't need to worry about cars driving by.

3) Marble Wall by First Canadian Place
A post shared by Mikayla Ann Kuehn • MAK Style (@mikaylakuehn) on

There's a little waterfall outside of First Canadian Place with a sitting area in the summer but right beside it is a gorgeous marble wall! It's perfect for photos and there's also stairs so you have stuff to work with.

4) Royal Ontario Museum
A post shared by Adrienne Naval (@aanaval) on

Obviously I had to include the ROM. I've taken more than one outfit post there! The glass addition to the museum is my favourite to take photos with but because it's an addition, the older portions of the building make for a great photo op as well.

5) Kit and Ace on Queen St.
A post shared by Mikayla Ann Kuehn • MAK Style (@mikaylakuehn) on

Hidden behind Kit & Ace on Queen St. W. is a little sitting area/patio-type. It's roofless so it's perfect during the summer for when you want to take a little break from shopping.

6) Colette Grand Cafe
A post shared by Carolina Pinglo Rizo Patrón (@carepinglo) on

The cliché blogger place to brunch is 100% Colette Grand Cafe. Outside of it is their patio area where this photo was taken. It's the perfect place to start your patio season.

7) Harbourfront Centre

I usually go to the Harbourfront Centre for Beaver Tails but this photo was taken by the parking lot entrance. The glass construction with the etched dots make it so cute to add to your Instagram feed.

8) Louis Vuitton Window Display, Bloor St.
A post shared by Mikayla Ann Kuehn • MAK Style (@mikaylakuehn) on

If you can't afford to buy something at LV, might as well take a photo outside with their window display that's there all year right?


1) University of Toronto
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Good ol' school. As stressful as university can get, it definitely helps being able to walk around a beautiful campus. This in itself could be a separate blog post because of how many Instagrammable places there are. The most common places to take photos are: Convocation Hall, University College and Hart House.

2) Yorkville

There's so many places in Yorkville to shoot at! I've shot a bunch of outfits there considering my school is in walking distance from it. My favourites there are Pink Tartan and Scollard St. There's also a bunch of cute cafés and restaurants around the area if you want to take a break. The typical blogger places to go there are Planta and Sorry Coffee Co.

3) Club Monaco on Bloor St.
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This particular area of Club Monaco is right beside the Gardiner Museum. It's a small area but it totally works for an outfit photo. If you're here in the summer, they have a gorgeous flower market and they also serve coffee and have seating outside.

4) King St. W.
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King St. is a go-to for my friends and I when we take photos. The entire area from University and King to Yonge and King perfectly matches all of our aesthetics. For old city vibes to more modern city vibes, you'll find somewhere for an awesome #OOTD post.

5) Distillery District
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I absolutely love walking around the Distillery District. The entire place is cobblestone so you get that old town feeling. Whether you're into the grey or red bricks, you'll find something that matches your feed!

6) Canadian National Exhibiton
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Taking photos by the Arc de Triomphe is on my list of things to do when I visit Paris but if you can't go either then try taking photos at the CNE!

7) Osgoode Hall
A post shared by Carolina Pinglo Rizo Patrón (@carepinglo) on

Last summer, Osgoode was my GO-TO for photos. It always had perfect lighting and the building is gorgeous. It's right beside Nathan Philips Square so you know it's walking distance from the Eaton Centre.

8) Manulife Financial, Bloor St.
A post shared by Adrienne Naval (@aanaval) on

9) Novotel Hotel, St. Lawrence
A post shared by Joëlle Anello 💁🏼 (@lapetitenoob) on


1) Graffiti Alley, Queen St. W.
A post shared by ✖️ Blair Alex (@blairalex) on

Grafitti alley isn't my aesthetic but it is fun just to walk around there and the surrounding areas on Queen St. W. Take a trip down there and I'm sure you and your friends will find so many photo ops!

2) Art Gallery of Ontario

As much as I love art and learning about the history of art, I can't help but make sure I get an #OOTD photo. Maybe it's the blogger in me but anyways, find your perfect outfit spot anywhere in the AGO. My favourite is taking photos with the spiral staircase!

3) Kensington Market
A post shared by 🍥 LETITIA 🍥 (@lookunderhere) on

Kensington is full of a bunch of shops if you're into the one of a kind/second hand stuff. They also have a cute cafe called FIKA where there's a wall with open books!

4) Cabbagetown
A post shared by Adrienne Naval (@aanaval) on

I love exploring Toronto so I decided to visit Cabbagetown one day and didn't really expect to find much but I did find this wall! It's so different and matches my aesthetic more than walls you'd find in Grafitti Alley. Also, I've NEVER seen people take photos here so be ahead of the crowd and get yours.


1) Wall by King St. E.
A post shared by Adrienne Naval (@aanaval) on

When you go passed the Distillery District on King St. E., there's a bunch of cute cafes but also there's an old auto shop that's pink. It's so cute to take photos with in the summer if you're not into the neutral tones at the Distillery District.

2) Crown Flora Studio
A post shared by Mikayla Ann Kuehn • MAK Style (@mikaylakuehn) on

This very LA type wall is outside of Crown Flora Studio on Queen St. W. (by Dufferin). If you're in the mood to get succulents or anything like that then visit this cute place! They also have the most adorable dogs that roam around the shop that you can play with.

3) Paradise Wall on Queen St. W. and Cameron St.

Buy an ice cream cone and take a photo by this wall for the perfect summer #OOTD!

4) Heart Wall, Wish Restaurant
A post shared by Adrienne Naval (@aanaval) on

Right beside this cute brunch place is a small alleyway that has this white heart on a light grey brick wall. Unless you have a wide angle lens, it's best to use a phone for outfit photos here!

5) Allan Gardens Conservatory
A post shared by Kaylee Giffin 💍 (@theblondielocks) on

Allan Gardens is perfect any time of the year because it is a conservatory. Although, I try not to go in the winter because you will definitely be carrying your coat since it gets very humid inside! Instant glasses fog up haha

6) June Callwood Park

This little area is part of June Callwood Park that's near Fort York! It's perfect for the warm weather. Jusy relax, have a milkshake while relaxing here.

This post was pretty lengthy which is why I kept my writing to a minimum! Leave a comment down below which location was your favourite or if I left any Toronto locations out :)

Spring Wishlist 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I had SUCH a great day yesterday so I was in the mood to write a wishlist from a couple of stores. I haven't done one literally since last year so I'm excited to see how my style has changed from last year's wishlist to this year's.

1. Ruffled Blouse 2. Black Crossbody 3. Palazzo Pants 4. Suede Skirt 5. Pink Shirt Dress 6. White Crossbody 7. Embroidered Mesh Top

First up is Shein. If you've been following me for a while, you'd know that I've been working with SheIn in September which I am very thankful for! They have so many cute and affordable pieces and to be honest, the quality isn't terrible like a lot of people think. If you pay attention to the materials it's made out of and refer to their Style Gallery, you can find pieces that last more than a season. My favourite from this has to be the embroidered mesh top and the palazzo pants! The pants are a gorgeous colour that reminds me of the sage trench coat I got from ASOS. I absolutely love mesh and embroidery combined. The sheer material with embroidery on top gives off such an elegant detail.


1. Dress 2. Waistcoat 3. Crossbody Bag 4. Jeans 5. Top

I have been eyeing the waistcoat for so long! I love the different take they took by adding the eyelet detailing on it. As you know, waistcoats/sleeveless blazers are one of my favourites to wear and this is definitely something I see myself wearing both outside and at work. As for the jeans, I've been obsessed with embroidered or embellished jeans so it's no surprise that this is part of my list. The studded detailing on the bag is incredible and as much as I love my Topshop one, it feels so plain compared to this one!

What's on your spring wishlist? Let me know in the comments below :)

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