How Accessories Can Transform Your Look

Monday, January 16, 2017
By the title of the post, you already know this is more of a style guide post. Not everyone is fortunate to have multiple coats to rock this winter season and even though I have many coats, I tend to stick to the same few for most of the winter season because I'll take warmth over stylish any day. I try my BEST to stay stylish during winter but like last year's "Go-To Winter Outfits" posts, repetition of outfits/outfit formulas for me is KEY to surviving winter.

Depending on the day/type of event I'm attending, I stick to two different coats: 1) Moose Knuckle or 2) Long Black Laura Wool Coat. It's pretty obvious that my Laura coat is for more formal occasions or above 0 degrees weather and my Moose Knuckle for colder days.

Since it hasn't been too cold in Toronto, I've been able to wear my Laura Wool Coat much more so this post will have the exact same outfit but different accessories to show that changing up your accessories can give you a whole new look.

For this first look, it's practically spot-on from one of the outfits in my "Go-To Winter Outfits" post from last year. I love wearing a cape (Express) because it's much thicker and warmer than a normal scarf. The hat (Forever 21) is a great addition when it's not too windy and don't need your ears to be warm!

Throughout all the outfits, I wear my Timberlands because they're the warmest boots I own and they go with any outfit. This one I felt was my most "dressy" one but the boots make it a bit more casual and more of an everyday look.

The second outfit is probably the one I wear the most in the winter because I've been obsessed with my Hudson's Bay Toque ever since I bought it! It covers my ears and is such a classic piece (especially for Canadians) so it's perfect to wear. I wore a MUJI Arm Stole that they were kind enough to gift me back at their A/W Preview.

My favourite thing about the arm stole is that it can be worn multiple ways. You can either wear it like a poncho/cape like my first look or wear it like a normal scarf (without it being too bulky)!

As for the last look, I'm wearing a faux fur headband I got from Hudson's Bay. I've always wanted a faux fur headband so I'm so glad I finally got this one! It adds such an elegant look for the winter. I paired it with a blanket scarf from ASOS that I received last year.

Outfit Details
Sweater - Lord & Taylor
Jeans - Hollister
Coat - Laura (old)
Shoes - Timberlands

Hope you enjoyed today's post and saw how you can achieve different looks by changing up your accessories! Accessories can seriously give you an endless amount of outfits and really transform your overall look :) Leave a comment down below what your go-to accessories are for the winter!
6 comments on "How Accessories Can Transform Your Look"
  1. I love that cape!! You have the cutest wardrobe! My go-to is usually a vest and scarf :)

    1. THANK YOU MOLLY!! I've been meaning to get myself a vest actually!

  2. It's so true that accessories can transform your look. I just started investing in more necklaces and scarves in order to see more variety in my wardrobe.

    1. Yes! You have an endless amount of outfits just by changing the accessories up!

  3. great winter accessories! Loving that teal backpack!!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I love that backpack, I use it for school now haha :)


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