9-5 Style: Winter Edition

Monday, January 23, 2017
I'm finally adding another post to my 9-5 Style series! I actually love dressing up for work at an office because it gives me an opportunity to play around with so many different pieces I wouldn't normally wear together on a day-to-day basis. Maybe it's because I don't work those 8 hours, all day, everyday like other people (it's only been in the summer!) but I find it so much fun. Depending on where I'm going or what I'm doing, my style varies so outfits I would wear to work combine a lot of pieces you've probably seen but styled much differently. I decided to put together 5 looks so you would have enough inspo to last the whole week!

FYI: The iron in my house broke the time I took these which is why there are wrinkly pieces!!

For Monday's outfit, it's the typical, dress shirt and dress pants type of outfit. The thing that is different about it is that I wore a cropped shirt on top so the bottom of dress shirt still shows. I felt great wearing this outfit and it was a total confidence booster when I wore it to an interview. I loved it so much that I rewore it when I got my photo taken for my work identification in the summer.

Outfit Details
Dress Shirt - H&M
Top - Forever 21
Pants - Dynamite
Jacket - StyleWe
Shoes - Le Chateau (old)

 For this outfit, I opted for patterned pants instead of regular black ones. As much as I love the pair I own, it gets tiring wearing the same kind of dress pants. I love patterned ones, especially the one I'm wearing below because it's perfect for work!

Outfit Details
Sweater - Zara
Pants - Zara (old)
Blazer - Jacob (old)
Shoes - Zara

MIDDLE OF THE WEEK! Ever since my 7th grade teacher told us what the meaning of Hump Day was, I always looked forward to the middle of the week because the rest of the week was much more relaxed. For this outfit, I changed up the type of dress pants and wore a pair of wide leg pants with a self-tie belt from SheIn. I love the self-tie because it creates the cutest bow. Bow details are seriously the cutest! It can get boring to wear the same ol' black fitted dress pants so try getting a different cut if you're into plain ones!

Outfit Details
Sweater -  H&M
Pants - SheIn

Sleeveless Blazer - River Island
Shoes - Zara

This Zara knit sweater is seriously my go-to. You can't tell if you follow my blog but if you see me on a regular basis, you'd know I wear this sweater pretty much weekly. It's perfect to lounge around or dress up for work. I wore it with the same wide leg pants like in the previous outfit as well :)

Outfit Details
Sweater - Zara (old)
Pants - SheIn
Shoes - Zara

Casual Friday. Okay, I never went THAT casual on Fridays when I used to work in an office, it was a rare sight to see me in jeans, but I would like to think I dressed a bit comfier (if I didn't have plans that night). So for this outfit, I wore a ribbed knit with flared detailing on the bottom from H&M with jeans. I accessorized it with a necklace from Cherry Pick. I usually wear necklaces instead of bracelets at work because I've only worked in an office so I'm on the computer a lot and bracelets get distracting when I'm typing.

Outfit Details
Sweater - H&M
Pants - Hollister
Necklace - Cherry Pick
Shoes - Zara

Which outfit was your fave? Let me know in the comments :)

Disclaimer: Item(s) in Outfit 3 and 4 were given to me by SheIn.

4 comments on "9-5 Style: Winter Edition"
  1. Oh my GOSH I need all of these outfits for work!! Apparently I need to start looking at Zara!


    1. Umh, Zara is LIFE! But seriously Molly, Zara takes up a majority of my everyday pieces hahah

  2. I love these outfits! so professional and trendy at the same time,



    1. Thank you so much Fowzia! :) Just goes to show that you can still make office attire fashionable!


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