My Hair Transformation with Rob Pizzuti

Saturday, November 12, 2016
OKAY SO BY THE TITLE YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL THIS POST IS VERY VERY EXCITING FOR ME. A while back, I posted a review about some Pai-Shau products that were sent to me. The team over at Pai-Shau absolutely loved it and one of their brand ambassadors, Rob Pizzuti, who is also a master colourist offered to give me a hair transformation at Blyss Salon in Yorkville! For those who didn't see it on my Instagram story, I've decided to post some of the behind the scenes :)
When he offered me the opportunity to sit in his chair and get my hair coloured by him, I couldn't say no! He has won numerous awards so it was such a surreal moment when he contacted me. I've only ever gotten my hair coloured once but it blended in with my natural highlights so well that a lot of people noticed anyways.
All I knew when I walked into the salon was that I wanted to have my hair lighter and some sort of brown. I had ideas in mind but decided last minute to wing it and just talk to Rob about it. The inspiration behind the look is actually unexpected and we matched it to the colours of my glasses. Pretty unique, huh? I thought it was such a creative idea and the end result looked INCREDIBLE.
I ended up filming the entire process (yes, I started Youtube)! I haven't figured out what kind of videos I want to post, other than fashion and vlogs but I do have some stuff planned for it. I'm aiming to post on Saturdays but nothing is set so be sure to keep up by subscribing here! Back to the hair transformation, if you want to watch it all then the video is below:
The reason I wanted to have a blog post up for this was not only to let you know about me posting on Youtube but also to explain a bit more about the products that they used on my hair. If you read my review on Pai-Shau, you'd know I am OBSESSED with a lot of their products.
One of the staff members from Pai Shau posted a video on Instagram with how the volume spray and the results looked incredible that I knew I had to try that one out. They were kind enough to use it on me during my appointment and because of how heavy my hair is, having volume is a necessity but also really difficult for me to achieve that look.
Along with the entire hair line, the volume spray is vegan. For this product, the gleditichia is the seed from the honey locus tree (which is common in Ontario). It is then broken down into a nano particle so it can get into the hair shaft. The reason the spray is able to give the hair is a lift is because of the white nettle and ginsing root (two botanical ingredients that also nourish the scalp). Finally, the thel conditioner is used so you can get a more natural movement. I also wanted to mention about how my hair felt afterwards: I got a bunch of comments from people asking how my hair felt afterwards since I went lighter but honestly, it has never felt healthier!
Lastly, I wanted to say a huge huge huge thank you to Rob Pizzuti, the rest of the Pai-Shau team (Melina, Sam, Charli and everyone else!) and Blyss Salon for allowing me to have this incredible opportunity. I am honestly so thankful for everyone who supports my blog and hope you continue to follow on my content-creating journey as a I venture out to Youtube!
Leave a comment down below what you thought about the hair transformation and if I should do another review on the new products they sent me. Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel because there's a lot in the works for that! :)
4 comments on "My Hair Transformation with Rob Pizzuti"
  1. I absolutely LOVE your hair!
    I love how the idea came from matching with your glasses, so unique and cool :)

    1. AHH THANKS BROOKLYN!! It's funny because people are so surprised when they find out where the inspo came from. You wouldn't expect it at all!

  2. Loving the transformation! Your hair is gorge

    xx Rebecca //


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