I Guess I Did This Style Steal On Purpose

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

If you understand how I got the blog title, then I absolutely love you. For this style steal, my friend Alexandra gave me the idea of using the looks in Sabrina Carpenter's On Purpose music video. I'm obsessed with her music and especially this song; it's definitely a favourite of mine. I also love how beautifully the music video was filmed.

Unlike my previous style steal/style muse posts, I decided to take photos of inspired outfits mainly using clothes I already owned. I could've easily bought spot on pieces that Sabrina wore but I decided to tailor it to my own style so you could see how I emulate her style without straying from my own. Also, I only ended up doing 2/3 outfits from the video) :)

Outfit 1

  • For this first outfit, I decided not to wear a lace up top that have been so popular! I'm not the BIGGEST fan of it because a lot of them have very deep cuts or they're too high. Since it's not my style, I wore a ribbed knit short sleeve with lace detailing on the side. Another note, you definitely could wear this during the fall and have a long sleeve sweater like her but the day I shot this it was 16-18 degrees and sunny so it was better that I went with a short sleeve!
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - Zara
  • Top - Express
  • Pants - Hollister
  • Shoes - Bershka
  • Outfit 2

  • The second outfit is the one I immediately associate with her music video because it's definitely shown the most out of all 3 looks; it's also the easiest to recreate if you ever wanted to. It's a very relaxed outfit with an oversized denim jacket, white t shirt and leggings. I wore a thicker material for my bottoms that I received as a gift a few years ago that are from Dynamite.
  • Outfit Details
  • Jacket - Boohoo
  • Top - H&M
  • Pants - Dynamite (old)
  • Scarf - *taken from some old piece of clothing*
  • Shoes - DSW
  • Here's the music video if you'd like to watch it!

    Hope you enjoyed today's post! I think it will be one of the last "fall fashion" post of mine before I start with fall to winter transition posts. Leave a comment down below telling me what winter trends you're looking forward to :)

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