Fringe Detailing

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Thursday everyone! When it comes to writing, it's usually very natural for me and I never really need to think of what to say for my blog posts. With that being said, the past few posts were written 2-3 weeks in advance of the actual post date so it feels like forever since I've written anything. Anyways, today's outfit post is brought to you by Neon, an independent retailer that just opened a location in Toronto!

I was contacted by Neon to get a tour of the store and to be honest, I was thinking "What could they possibly show me besides the clothing?" I've never heard of the retailer and since it recently opened, it's not like I've come across it while walking along Queen St. Also, when they sent me a bit of info about themselves, it told me about brands that you've probably heard of or know what to expect when you hear of them; like VANS, Converse, Timberlands, Levi's, etc.

When I walked into the store, I realized it was much bigger than expected. A lot of stores on Queen St. are small boutiques so seeing the huge variety they offered was great. Not only do they have well-known brands like the ones I mentioned before but they also sell up and coming brands that you probably never even heard of. They tend to find inspiration from European and Asian countries when they come across it more than usual and then do their research on it.

Even though they sell well-known brands you can get at other places like Levi jeans at an actual Levi's store or Timberlands at any shoe store, other places don't offer the wide selection they do. For instance, the typical Jansport backpack comes in a bunch of colours but I had no idea they had unique prints.

Along with this outfit post, I decided to make a short video on my little shopping trip because I ended up spending so much time in the store.

The best part about Neon is that they sell EVERYTHING you see. From door knobs and lighting, to the furniture, everything has a price tag. It's one of those stores that new products are constantly coming in so you really need to grab it as soon as you can. As for clothing preferences, I would say that it's more towards street style kind of merchandise but if you're open minded with your outfits then you should definitely check it out.

Outfit Details
  • Sweater - LIRA via Neon Stores
  • Jacket - Danier (old)
  • Pants - Bluenotes
  • Shoes - Le Chateau
  • Hope you enjoyed today's post! Are there any unique kinds of stores where you live? I also have a dressy outfit idea planned featuring this sweater so if you want to see that soon, be sure to let me know in the comments :) Sidenote: I have such Bailee Madison vibes with this sweater (from her Nylon Espanol photoshoot) and that makes me happy because she's bae.

    Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with NEON Stores.

    7 comments on "Fringe Detailing"
    1. I LOVE your sweater! It suits you so well. Neon sounds like an awesome store :)

      1. AH THANKS BROOKLYN! I was so hesitant on it but I'm glad I got it :) If you're ever in Toronto or Quebec you should defssss check it out

    2. Love the sweater!
      It looks so cozy :D

    3. Not only does this sound like such a fun store, but your sweater is SO cute! I love the unique details on it - definitely a statement piece. And your video was super fun. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

      Stephanie //

      1. Awh thanks so much Stephanie! That means a lot since I only recently started with Youtube :)


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