Autumn/Winter Haul + Life Update

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Monday everyone! It's the end of the semester and although I'm a part-time student, the courses I'm taking are heavy so it's still been hectic. You obviously noticed I didn't post this past week and back in October, I mentioned how I was going to post once a week but I ended up posting a lot in November! This was mainly because of opportunities I got with companies that had deadlines but also because I received items earlier than expected, therefore things were published much earlier than anticipated.

Alongside the haul video that is embed below (which if you're not caught up with my blog, I've started to post on Youtube; more vlogs vs. fashion videos at the moment but I'm working on it!), I wanted to quickly update you saying how I won't be posting on my blog for the next couple of weeks. I will be working on stuff in the mean time but nothing published (besides a lookbook that will be up on my channel next week!) The plan is to have my next post for Thursday December 15 and from then on, I will continue posting both on my blog and channel (so up to 4 posts and videos combined every week). Final exams are coming up and math exams are the WORST. Not only is every course like a whole new language but they're worth 60% of your final grade so I'm devoting my time to study.

I was considering putting together short posts but honestly, I love when I dedicate a lot of time per post/video so I didn't want to post just for the sake of being active. I already have my schedule for mid December laid out so once I finish exams (on December 12), I will be working pretty much everyday creating new content which I'm really excited for :)

Back to the haul, I've linked all the items I got below the video if you're interested in purchasing any of it! I had such a fun weekend (a couple of weeks ago) with my friends Carolina and Mikayla so be sure to check out their hauls and vlogs that we posted already and subscribe to all of us if you enjoy it. I sound really sarcastic and awkward but FORGIVE ME, it was my first sit down video so I'm still getting the hang of everything that comes along with Youtube.
  • H&M Dress
  • H&M Pleated Skirt
  • Topshop Bag
  • Zara Taupe Boots
  • Zara Black Boots

  • Hope you understand the temporary hiatus that my blog will be having but when it's back, it'll be better than ever, I guarantee it! I won't be MIA completely though. You'll still find me on Twitter and Instagram as much as possible. Also, I have posted a lot on Youtube (considering I officially started November 5) so be sure you catch up on those :)
    Let me know what your favourite item from the mini haul was and/or what you're looking forward to this holiday season!
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