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Autumn/Winter Haul + Life Update

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Monday everyone! It's the end of the semester and although I'm a part-time student, the courses I'm taking are heavy so it's still been hectic. You obviously noticed I didn't post this past week and back in October, I mentioned how I was going to post once a week but I ended up posting a lot in November! This was mainly because of opportunities I got with companies that had deadlines but also because I received items earlier than expected, therefore things were published much earlier than anticipated.

Alongside the haul video that is embed below (which if you're not caught up with my blog, I've started to post on Youtube; more vlogs vs. fashion videos at the moment but I'm working on it!), I wanted to quickly update you saying how I won't be posting on my blog for the next couple of weeks. I will be working on stuff in the mean time but nothing published (besides a lookbook that will be up on my channel next week!) The plan is to have my next post for Thursday December 15 and from then on, I will continue posting both on my blog and channel (so up to 4 posts and videos combined every week). Final exams are coming up and math exams are the WORST. Not only is every course like a whole new language but they're worth 60% of your final grade so I'm devoting my time to study.

I was considering putting together short posts but honestly, I love when I dedicate a lot of time per post/video so I didn't want to post just for the sake of being active. I already have my schedule for mid December laid out so once I finish exams (on December 12), I will be working pretty much everyday creating new content which I'm really excited for :)

Back to the haul, I've linked all the items I got below the video if you're interested in purchasing any of it! I had such a fun weekend (a couple of weeks ago) with my friends Carolina and Mikayla so be sure to check out their hauls and vlogs that we posted already and subscribe to all of us if you enjoy it. I sound really sarcastic and awkward but FORGIVE ME, it was my first sit down video so I'm still getting the hang of everything that comes along with Youtube.
  • H&M Dress
  • H&M Pleated Skirt
  • Topshop Bag
  • Zara Taupe Boots
  • Zara Black Boots

  • Hope you understand the temporary hiatus that my blog will be having but when it's back, it'll be better than ever, I guarantee it! I won't be MIA completely though. You'll still find me on Twitter and Instagram as much as possible. Also, I have posted a lot on Youtube (considering I officially started November 5) so be sure you catch up on those :)
    Let me know what your favourite item from the mini haul was and/or what you're looking forward to this holiday season!

    Fringe Detailing

    Thursday, November 17, 2016

    Happy Thursday everyone! When it comes to writing, it's usually very natural for me and I never really need to think of what to say for my blog posts. With that being said, the past few posts were written 2-3 weeks in advance of the actual post date so it feels like forever since I've written anything. Anyways, today's outfit post is brought to you by Neon, an independent retailer that just opened a location in Toronto!

    I was contacted by Neon to get a tour of the store and to be honest, I was thinking "What could they possibly show me besides the clothing?" I've never heard of the retailer and since it recently opened, it's not like I've come across it while walking along Queen St. Also, when they sent me a bit of info about themselves, it told me about brands that you've probably heard of or know what to expect when you hear of them; like VANS, Converse, Timberlands, Levi's, etc.

    When I walked into the store, I realized it was much bigger than expected. A lot of stores on Queen St. are small boutiques so seeing the huge variety they offered was great. Not only do they have well-known brands like the ones I mentioned before but they also sell up and coming brands that you probably never even heard of. They tend to find inspiration from European and Asian countries when they come across it more than usual and then do their research on it.

    Even though they sell well-known brands you can get at other places like Levi jeans at an actual Levi's store or Timberlands at any shoe store, other places don't offer the wide selection they do. For instance, the typical Jansport backpack comes in a bunch of colours but I had no idea they had unique prints.

    Along with this outfit post, I decided to make a short video on my little shopping trip because I ended up spending so much time in the store.

    The best part about Neon is that they sell EVERYTHING you see. From door knobs and lighting, to the furniture, everything has a price tag. It's one of those stores that new products are constantly coming in so you really need to grab it as soon as you can. As for clothing preferences, I would say that it's more towards street style kind of merchandise but if you're open minded with your outfits then you should definitely check it out.

    Outfit Details
  • Sweater - LIRA via Neon Stores
  • Jacket - Danier (old)
  • Pants - Bluenotes
  • Shoes - Le Chateau
  • Hope you enjoyed today's post! Are there any unique kinds of stores where you live? I also have a dressy outfit idea planned featuring this sweater so if you want to see that soon, be sure to let me know in the comments :) Sidenote: I have such Bailee Madison vibes with this sweater (from her Nylon Espanol photoshoot) and that makes me happy because she's bae.

    Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with NEON Stores.

    Winter Whites with Blue Vanilla

    Monday, November 14, 2016
    The weather in Toronto has been bipolar the last few weeks so I'm either in a cute fall outfit or all layered up for winter. My wardrobe doesn't really transition from fall to winter; all I really do is add a bunch of extra layers underneath for warmth.
    If you've been following me for the last 6 months, you'd know how much I mention how I love all-white looks. I even dedicated a summer lookbook specifically for all-white outfits. Just because it's a new season, doesn't mean I've abandoned my white clothing. I still constantly wear the same ol' Zara lace top and Topshop Joni jeans.
    Since it's been a trend to have "Winter Whites", I thought this would be a fun way to incorporate a new coat I received from Blue Vanilla. I've been so keen on owning a (faux) fur coat but never had the guts to get one since it felt so over the top. After I got it, I immediately fell even more in love with it and snapped my friends (Carolina and Mikayla) right away.
    Like I mentioned, I still wear the same white pieces so it's no surprise that for this outfit, it's white jeans and a lace top. I paired it with a cute pom pom beanie and grey over the knee boots to tie it in with the bits of grey shown in the coat (since it is a faint leopard print).
    Surprisingly, the coat is much warmer than you'd expect considering it is faux fur. The final look doesn't feel over the top and honestly, if you're wanting a fur coat but think it's 'diva-ish' just go for it. It's so much fun to wear and snuggle up in for cold nights.
    SIDENOTE: The day I took these photos, I went to meet Iris Apfel at her public appearance at Holt Renfrew for Atelier Swarovski. She ended up complimenting my outfit and said how well made the fur coat was so if that doesn't convince to not only check out Blue Vanilla but buy yourself a fur coat then I don't know what will!
    Disclaimer: The following post is in collaboration with Blue Vanilla via Type the Hype.

    My Hair Transformation with Rob Pizzuti

    Saturday, November 12, 2016
    OKAY SO BY THE TITLE YOU CAN PROBABLY TELL THIS POST IS VERY VERY EXCITING FOR ME. A while back, I posted a review about some Pai-Shau products that were sent to me. The team over at Pai-Shau absolutely loved it and one of their brand ambassadors, Rob Pizzuti, who is also a master colourist offered to give me a hair transformation at Blyss Salon in Yorkville! For those who didn't see it on my Instagram story, I've decided to post some of the behind the scenes :)
    When he offered me the opportunity to sit in his chair and get my hair coloured by him, I couldn't say no! He has won numerous awards so it was such a surreal moment when he contacted me. I've only ever gotten my hair coloured once but it blended in with my natural highlights so well that a lot of people noticed anyways.
    All I knew when I walked into the salon was that I wanted to have my hair lighter and some sort of brown. I had ideas in mind but decided last minute to wing it and just talk to Rob about it. The inspiration behind the look is actually unexpected and we matched it to the colours of my glasses. Pretty unique, huh? I thought it was such a creative idea and the end result looked INCREDIBLE.
    I ended up filming the entire process (yes, I started Youtube)! I haven't figured out what kind of videos I want to post, other than fashion and vlogs but I do have some stuff planned for it. I'm aiming to post on Saturdays but nothing is set so be sure to keep up by subscribing here! Back to the hair transformation, if you want to watch it all then the video is below:
    The reason I wanted to have a blog post up for this was not only to let you know about me posting on Youtube but also to explain a bit more about the products that they used on my hair. If you read my review on Pai-Shau, you'd know I am OBSESSED with a lot of their products.
    One of the staff members from Pai Shau posted a video on Instagram with how the volume spray and the results looked incredible that I knew I had to try that one out. They were kind enough to use it on me during my appointment and because of how heavy my hair is, having volume is a necessity but also really difficult for me to achieve that look.
    Along with the entire hair line, the volume spray is vegan. For this product, the gleditichia is the seed from the honey locus tree (which is common in Ontario). It is then broken down into a nano particle so it can get into the hair shaft. The reason the spray is able to give the hair is a lift is because of the white nettle and ginsing root (two botanical ingredients that also nourish the scalp). Finally, the thel conditioner is used so you can get a more natural movement. I also wanted to mention about how my hair felt afterwards: I got a bunch of comments from people asking how my hair felt afterwards since I went lighter but honestly, it has never felt healthier!
    Lastly, I wanted to say a huge huge huge thank you to Rob Pizzuti, the rest of the Pai-Shau team (Melina, Sam, Charli and everyone else!) and Blyss Salon for allowing me to have this incredible opportunity. I am honestly so thankful for everyone who supports my blog and hope you continue to follow on my content-creating journey as a I venture out to Youtube!
    Leave a comment down below what you thought about the hair transformation and if I should do another review on the new products they sent me. Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel because there's a lot in the works for that! :)

    Fall-to-Winter Transition: Grey Wool

    Thursday, November 10, 2016
    Good morning everyone :) For this post, I was approached by StyleWe to feature some of their clothing. I ended up choosing two pieces that are slightly different shades of grey.
    I originally planned on wearing a monochromatic outfit but when I saw the white print on the plaid skirt, I thought it'd be a nice fall to winter transition outfit if I wore white instead.
    I ended up pairing it with a white turtleneck, white cable knit tights and a silver necklace which were all pieces I already owned. I would hands down choose white staple pieces over black pieces any day because I feel like it's able to stand out more and it's really easy to take it from day to night. I always find myself wearing dark pieces for night more so than lighter colours.
    The wool coat and skirt I got from StyleWe were perfect for a fall-to-winter transition outfit because of the thick material. The quality was better than I expected and it definitely can keep you warm during the beginning of winter (okay not a typical Canadian weather but that transition period, if you have one that is!)
    NOTE: The day I took these photos, it was actually pretty sunny so I thought it was acceptable to wear sunglasses for the photoshoot! Plus, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'd know I'd wear my reflective sunglasses at any possible opportunity.

    Outfit Details
  • Jacket - StyleWe
  • Sweater - H&M (old)
  • Skirt - StyleWe
  • Tights - Forever21 (old)
  • Sunglasses - EyeBuyDirect
  • Shoes - Aldo (old)
  • Necklace - Gifted (boutique in New Jersey)
  • Anyways, I hope you enjoyed today's outfit post! Be sure to leave a comment how you transition your fall wardrobe :)
    Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by StyleWe. All opinions are my own.

    I Guess I Did This Style Steal On Purpose

    Wednesday, November 9, 2016

    If you understand how I got the blog title, then I absolutely love you. For this style steal, my friend Alexandra gave me the idea of using the looks in Sabrina Carpenter's On Purpose music video. I'm obsessed with her music and especially this song; it's definitely a favourite of mine. I also love how beautifully the music video was filmed.

    Unlike my previous style steal/style muse posts, I decided to take photos of inspired outfits mainly using clothes I already owned. I could've easily bought spot on pieces that Sabrina wore but I decided to tailor it to my own style so you could see how I emulate her style without straying from my own. Also, I only ended up doing 2/3 outfits from the video) :)

    Outfit 1

  • For this first outfit, I decided not to wear a lace up top that have been so popular! I'm not the BIGGEST fan of it because a lot of them have very deep cuts or they're too high. Since it's not my style, I wore a ribbed knit short sleeve with lace detailing on the side. Another note, you definitely could wear this during the fall and have a long sleeve sweater like her but the day I shot this it was 16-18 degrees and sunny so it was better that I went with a short sleeve!
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - Zara
  • Top - Express
  • Pants - Hollister
  • Shoes - Bershka
  • Outfit 2

  • The second outfit is the one I immediately associate with her music video because it's definitely shown the most out of all 3 looks; it's also the easiest to recreate if you ever wanted to. It's a very relaxed outfit with an oversized denim jacket, white t shirt and leggings. I wore a thicker material for my bottoms that I received as a gift a few years ago that are from Dynamite.
  • Outfit Details
  • Jacket - Boohoo
  • Top - H&M
  • Pants - Dynamite (old)
  • Scarf - *taken from some old piece of clothing*
  • Shoes - DSW
  • Here's the music video if you'd like to watch it!

    Hope you enjoyed today's post! I think it will be one of the last "fall fashion" post of mine before I start with fall to winter transition posts. Leave a comment down below telling me what winter trends you're looking forward to :)

    Style Guide: Embroidered Shirt

    Monday, November 7, 2016
    Pinstripes and embroidery have been an on-going trend. I've always been a lover of embroidery but it definitely has been more "in-season" alongside the beloved bomber jacket trend. Another huge trend that I find as a timeless piece would be pinstripes. Pinstripes are such a classic pattern that you can never go wrong with it. For this post, it's a combination of both pinstripes and embroidery! ROMWE contacted me to feature one of their pieces on my blog and I chose this gorgeous blouse. I also ended up receiving an embroidered shirt from my parents on their trip so I thought it'd be fun to style both of them for two completely different looks :)
    Outfit 1
  • For this first outfit, I thought I'd go very casual but put together look that you could wear to school and/or daytime look. I love the embroidery on the front of the shirt. It's actually a high-low top but I decided to tuck it into the skirt. You could wear brown booties but I opted for VANS because of comfort.

  • Outfit Details
  • Top - ROMWE
  • Skirt - Forever21
  • Bag - Zara (similar)
  • Shoes - VANS
  • Watch - Fossil

  • Outfit 2
  • I'm in love with the embroidered patches on this top! It can totally work for spring/summer fashion as well but for fall fashion, I went with wearing an embellished beret and jeans. I thought it'd be fun to have it like a casual yet preppy vibe look.

  • Outfit Details
  • Top - Bershka
  • Pants - Topshop
  • Beret - Le Chateau
  • Shoes - VANS
  • Watch - Fossil

  • I hope you enjoyed today's post and got some inspo on how to style embroidered shirts and leave a comment down below how you'd style one! :) For other exciting news, I AM VENTURING OUT TO YOUTUBE. I don't know if it'll be something permanent or not but I've always been intrigued by videography and I thought starting off with Youtube would be a good way to test the waters and see how I liked the whole thing. I embed the channel trailer below so you could get a sense of what to expect on my channel!
    Disclaimer: The following shirt was sent to me by ROMWE to feature on my blog. This post does contain affiliate links.

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