Unique Ways to Rock This Fall

Monday, October 31, 2016

GOOD MORNING! It's the last day of October and today's post is another guest post. This time it's written by the lovely Jessica Brinley.

My name is Jessica. I am a freelance fashion blogger and I love traveling so for the past 6 years I've enjoyed both my passions by becoming a ghost writer on various fashion blogs and a guest author on others while traveling the world.

As the fall is already here, a big worry is to keep looking good. That time of the year when you’re caught between changing wardrobes, the style meter can actually go down, what is it that keep you looking like you just came out of a designer studio? Some strategizing for sure. So, here are some super smart strategies to look not just good but great this fall.

Vote for the Fur

  • Well, for women, fur has always spelt luxury. But, this fall, it is much more than that, it is a bold statement. Yes, brands like Fendi and Rodarte have come up with some fur statements that are definitely not run-of the-mill. What is even more interesting about fur is the trend in stoles this fall. This time to wear it cross body, and that too in whatever color you want.
  • Welcome Back the Tans, the Khakis, and the Grays

  • Don’t think they’re making you fall somber; they’re just making it classier than ever. Yes, khaki, beige, all shades of tan and grays too are making the fall even more stylish. May it be in sweaters, pants, shirts, dresses, blazers, skirts, bags shoes, or belts, these colors have made a major comeback. So, when you go fall shopping now, you know what you’re going for.
  • Don’t Forget the Handbags

  • What’s pretty in this season are the guitar strap handbags in floral patterns, bright colors, chains, metal embellishments and more. The New York Fashion Week was testimony to this trend and the most top notch makes like Burberry, Lanvin, Fendi and Anya Hindmarch. Apart from these, if you own masterpieces like LV Speedy (the evergreen duffel bag), or the Hermes Birkin, those are likely to work for the fall as well.
  • The Overcoats – There’s a Lot of Option

  • The options for fall 2016 are abundant when it comes to coats. You begin with plaid overcoats, move to the navy overcoats, further to the velvets and end at the pink and yellow. Yes, this is how eclectic it is this time. If you are not the loud type, perhaps the plaids and the navy overcoats will work the best for you. If making statements is your thing, you can choose from the other two styles.
  • Capelets are the Latest Thing

  • This itsy-bitsy style is the latest on the block. Capes may have rules forever but capelets are the new monarchs for the season. Not only do they give you a retro feel, but also make you look edge and stylish. This creation filled with chique goes equally well with dresses, pants, and sweaters. The best haute couture brands like Burberry, Christian Dior, and MSGM. So, here are 5 super smart strategies to look great this fall. But do remember that you need to coordinate these trends with your own unique style. This not only saves you from being a style slave, but also makes you stand a class apart.
  • Go ahead and enjoy this awesome fall!

    Leave a comment down below what your favourite trend has been this fall :)

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    1. I love all the fall neutrals and can't get enough of them

      1. YESS! I'm starting to wear neutrals so much more now


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