$50 Outfit Challenge: Fall Edition

Monday, October 3, 2016
I used to shop at SheIn a lot a few years ago but stopped because I was cutting back on online shopping. When they approached me to work with them, I was thrilled because it was a store that I've previously shopped at before. Don't get me wrong, I love the collaborations I've had with companies in the past and I'm genuinely thankful for all the amazing things that have come out of my blog. When it's a company that you've shopped at before, it feels even better. One of those "Hey, one of the stores I shop at noticed me" moments.
I was having trouble figuring out how to incorporate an item of clothing into my blog. It could've been a simple #OOTD post but I love trying to make all my #OOTD posts have some kind of purpose. I realized that I loved SheIn because of the affordable price so why not have another $50 Outfit Challenge? My first one was a collab with Dal from Little Beauty Loves that we did for spring and I totally forgot to do one for summer.
SheIn has a huge selection of clothing so I decided to go with this white ruffled blouse. It's a great transition piece for summer to fall fashion. I love that it still incorporates the famous off-the-shoulder trend but the black trim contrast makes it perfect for autumn.
Also, if you know me and also follow Tess Christine, you'd know that I absolutely ADORE her (especially her fashion) and she has a top just like this one so I definitely am feeling the Tess vibes with this top. If you don't know her, you should read my Buzzfeed article that I wrote for Buzzfeed Community! I started to write more fun articles for Buzzfeed because it's the perfect platform when I'm mainly having GIFs in a post. If I'm not posting on my blog, I'm 100% on one of these platforms: Twitter, Instagram and/or Buzzfeed.
I went simple and paired it with an old pair of black ripped jeans from Bluenotes that I got for $20. Lastly, for the shoes I opted for these Bershka slip ons that I got as a gift last year. Like the last $50 outfit challenge, I'm not going to include shoes into the total. So with that being said, the top and the pants total to $45 CAD.
It was a bit cold when taking these photos so I threw on a faux leather jacket from Zara that's obviously not included in the $50 but I wanted to include some of the photos in this post!

Anyways, huge thank you to SheIn for sending me this top. I can't wait to wear it more often and hope you all enjoyed today's post!
Leave a comment down below if you're into the shoulder baring trend!
Disclaimer: The following post contains affiliate links sponsored by SheIn.
4 comments on "$50 Outfit Challenge: Fall Edition"
  1. That top is so cute! I love the off-the-shoulder style and the little black boy! I also love those shoes. The quilted pattern make them look so chic (and comfy too)!

    ~Alexandra| www.mstigerlilly.com

    1. Thank you!! I love the quilted pattern as well. They're definitely comfy and perfect when you're walking around all day :)

  2. I love that you did this challenge. Such a fun and creative idea for a blog post, and a great way to show that cute fashion can definitely be affordable! I love Tess Christine too and I can definitely see how you channeled her vibes in this look - I also see a little bit of a modern Blair Waldorf style with that classy top! Such a cute outfit :)

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

    1. Awhh thank you so much Stephanie! Yes for sure, a lot of people think you have to spend a lot of money to be stylish but really it's all about being clever ;) TESS IS BAE. So glad you could tell I channeled her vibes but also made it my own. Oh my gosh, Blair was actually my style inspo for SO long (mainly in high school) so I love that you said modern Blair style :) Have the best day ever


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