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Monday, September 19, 2016

I wasn't sure what I wanted to post for NYFW for a while but then I tweeted out how I loved the locations of the NYFW more than the shows and than it hit me. So for today's post I'll be showing my favourite runway shows that I thought had the most unique locations/set up. Ever since the amazing Fendi show at the Trevi Fountain, I feel as if all the designers at NYFW are trying to take their shows to the next level and it definitely showed! I'm one of those people who think that the ambiance of a show or place has just as much importance as the content of whatever is being produced.

Tommy x Gigi at Pier 16

  • THIS WAS AN OBVIOUS. I've tweeted about the #TOMMYXGIGI collection a bit and I was SO excited for the show. I loved the whole carnival idea and the use of Pier 16 as the catwalk. Gigi killed it and I love how Tommy is incorporating the whole "See Now, Buy Now" concept with #TOMMYNOW. So even though this is a AW16 show, I'm still including it. There are so many looks I love from this. I'm not a tank top person but I really love the how the "H" was in a regular serif font and the "G" was made with a rope design. It was like "GH" for Gigi Hadid was hidden and the noticeable "H" was for Hilfiger.
  • Club Monaco at Grand Central Terminal

  • Grand Central Terminal is the busiest place ever so how Club Monaco managed to have their SS17 show at the Vanderbilt Hall is beyond me. Pretty much the entire collection is wearable which is always an issue for me when it comes to fashion month. As much as I love the extravagant kinds of outfits, I love wearable collections much more because it's easier to get inspo from.
  • Rebecca Minkoff in Soho

  • Rebecca Minkoff's show was in the middle of Soho. I love how the looks are very wearable and how even though it was their SS17 show, they still had faux fur collared coats that could be worn this fall/winter season. There were a couple of additional things that made her show flat out awesome: they filmed it in 360 degrees for Youtube so it's as if you were really there AND they had a couple of bloggers walk in the show. I saw that through Chriselle Lim's Instagram and was just stunned because she totally killed it. She is model material.
  • Marc Jacobs at the Hammerstein Ballroom

  • If you're closing NYFW, you gotta make an impression and that's exactly what Marc Jacobs did. He held his show at the Hammerstein Ballroom and it was filled with lights. I'm a sucker for lights. I will visit any restaurant that has cute lights. Even though I wasn't much of a fan of the actual looks, the atmosphere that was created was a great way to end NYFW. Although, I was definitely not a fan of his response about cultural appropriation.
  • Ralph Lauren on Madison Avenue

  • NYC is so packed I honestly do not understand how these companies were able to shut down busy streets for NYFW! Either way, I love it at the end of the day. Ralph Lauren's show was held on Madison Avenue by their flagship store. They ended up building their set around the store. The exterior was made out of glass which is an automatic win in my books. If you know me, glass buildings are one of my favourite types of architecture. Well, to be specific, it's actually deconstructivism (I love Frank Gehry's work) for post-modern architecture and any building that is influenced from different architectural styles and cultural elements like Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Note: I took a few architecture courses mainly focusing on Renaissance which made me develop a newfound appreciation for architecture.
  • The jewel box at 888 Madison: The September Collection runway show is live on FB--link in bio #nyfw

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    What was your favourite thing about NYFW SS17? Leave it in the comments below!

    6 comments on "#NYFW Favourites: Runway"
    1. I love your different take on the shows! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!


      1. Ah I wish I was there! Hopefully one day I will be. Thanks so much Ansleigh, I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it wasn't based on the clothing itself :)

    2. Honestly, some of these interiors are unbelievable. So incredible...masterpieces in a way! xx


    3. IT REALLY IS. The interors are not appreciated as much as it should be. They're a piece of art just as much as the clothing itself :)


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