Let's Go to the Ex

Thursday, September 1, 2016

THIS IS OFFICIALLY MY LAST SUMMER #OOTD POST! You know summer is ending in Toronto when the Canadian National Exhibition (aka "The Ex" or "The CNE") happens. So what better way to end off my summer fashion posts than my #OOTD at the CNE!

Basically, it's an 18-day festival with rides, games and the weirdest food. I mean, there's cool things like deep fried Mars bar but each year, there are creations that are disgusting, intriguing and just flat out weird. I'm pretty sure a majority of people mainly look forward to the food out of all the things offered there. Some of the new things this year were: Rainbow Grilled Cheese, Cricket Hot Dogs, Blueberry Pie Milkshakes, Pulled Pork Cinnamon Rolls and a Philly Cheesesteak Éclair. Trust me, there are so much more food offered, I just thought I'd point out the main ones that have been all over social media.

My favourite friend, Melissa and I decided to go together this year and try out some food and take adorable photos together (as we always do whenever we hang out).

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

  • Okay, this was the one thing I was determined to get. After a struggle of finding it, we finally got to visit The Cheesery for rainbow grilled cheese. It's basically coloured cheese with sprinkles on top. Surprisingly, the sprinkles actually tasted good with the grilled cheese.
  • Fran's "Snack Attack" Milkshake

  • This was just beautiful to look at. It tasted great (although I'm not the biggest fan of banana milkshake, I'm all about caramel milkshakes from a local ice cream shop). They had about 6 different milkshakes like the blueberry pie one I mentioned earlier and one that was Canadian themed with maple syrup, graham crackers and marshmallows. Even though a lot of my readers are not from Toronto, if you SO HAPPEN to be and are reading this before the CNE ends in a few days, make sure you have cash because Fran's is cash only (and the milkshakes are only available at the Fran's food truck outside and not the food building!)
  • Although, this day wasn't all fun because we weren't allowed on the horses on the carousel because we were too old (at age 21 and 22) but on Instagram, there were clearly photos of even older individuals and similar-aged people on them...so the CNE definitely was a let down on the rides. We were very upset and annoyed over this!

    As for my outfit, I wanted to be cute but also comfy since there would be a lot of walking so I kept it casual with the Converse and denim jacket. Of course, I'm wearing my Zara Lace Top (which I can dub as my 'Summer 2016 Top') with a faux suede skirt from Forever 21. Since I was there until night, the Boohoo denim jacket was appropriate! Shoutout to my little sister for letting me borrow her skirt and jacket haha.

    Hope you enjoyed my last summer fashion post! Leave a comment down below if you'd try out any of these weird food creations

    4 comments on "Let's Go to the Ex"
    1. Looks like fun! As a Philly girl, dying to know what a Philly cheesesteak eclair was like!

      Jenna | Laugh-often.com

      1. It's so odd!! So many weird creations but that's the best part hahah

    2. Replies
      1. It really is! It's such a classic way to end summer in Toronto :)


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