Blogiversary: 10 Things I'm Proud Of

Monday, July 4, 2016
So much has happened within one year of blogging. I honestly did not except some of the things that happened in such a short amount of time. It's crazy to think how much my blog has grown. I wanted to compile a list of 12 blogging related achievements I'm proud of. No, it isn't to brag about what I've done but a way to show that if you have a passion for something and put in the time and effort, you could achieve so much. You can click on some of the photos to redirect to a post on each thing I'm proud of as well if you want more details on it!

1) Attended my first fashion show

  • This was absolutely incredible. I've always known that bloggers could get invited to go to fashion week or be sent there through different companies. I never thought that I would get that kind of opportunity so soon in my blogging journey. I always knew it was possible but couldn't believe it actually happened!
  • 2) Invited to a conference as "Media/Blogger"

  • I was invited to Young Women in Business' first conference in Toronto! I wasn't there for the whole day but I was there for the entrepreneurship panel that featured 4 women: Ashlyn Birdy, etc.
  • 3) Have my own coupon code

  • This is probably really lame to other people but I think it's really cool! My first coupon code was for #Shatter2016 but that was temporary. My first permanent one was from Cherry Pick which is a jewelry store that ships internationally as well! I joined their Brand Ambassador Program where I was provided my own coupon to share with you guys.
  • 4) Become part of Fashion Magazine's Style Panel

  • I always thought it would be so cool to be part of a style panel/council for a fashion magazine so I was thrilled when Fashion Canada said they'd love to have me on it among other bloggers were a much higher following. Although numbers don't matter, there are a lot of bigger companies that do care about it and use it to evaluate (which is understandable), so I was very happy when I was accepted.
  • 5) Accepted into College Fashionista's Style Guru Summer Internship Program

  • College Fashionista is a network full of fellow fashionistas (of course) that are all around my age so it's a nice way to get to know people in your area/go to your school who are interested in the same things as you so being part of the Style Guru program was something I was looking forward to!
  • 6) Had pageviews from all over the world

  • Whenever I saw a new country consistently show up in my blog stats, I got so happy! It's a small thing but knowing other people in countries far away enjoying what you post is such an amazing feeling.
  • 7) Attended 2 events hosted by Dave Lackie

  • Being in the Toronto area allows me to attend the events hosted by the one and only, Dave Lackie. Dave is a beauty expert with Cityline that I was fortunate to meet at the #AngelMuse event back in May. He's one of the sweetest people I've met in the beauty industry and he is definitely a reason why I'm getting more into the beauty world!
  • 8) Wrote 76 posts

  • I remember one of the concerns I had when I wanted to start fashion blogging was coming up with different posts. So to think back and see that I've written 76 posts in my first year of blogging is incredible.
  • 9) Had the chance to collaborate with fellow bloggers and companies

  • Collaborating with bloggers is an incredible thing to do; you really get to feed off of each other's creative energy so if you haven't already, I recommend you collaborate with someone you want to! As for companies, I always knew the opportunities were there but didn't think I would manage to work with companies within a year of blogging. I'm so thankful for everyone that has come out of this blog in it's first year and cannot wait for what the next year has in store :)
  • 10) THE BEST FOR LAST: All the blogging friends I've made all over the world

  • I adore all my blogging friends. I've made so many great friendships just from social media (especially Twitter). So much love for Charlie (@charliec_p), Rai (@utterardour), Dal (@littlebeautylovs), Jenn (@ASpoonfulofSugr), Mikayla (@makstyleblog), Catherine (@beautybycatxo), Katherine (@thegreenbows) AND SO MUCH MORE.
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    1. I heart you!! SO glad I met you through blogging you're da best ;P
      You've achieved so much I'm so proud of you reading this was amazing! Keep on keeping on!

      Rai x |



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