Blogiversary: 10 Things I Learned

Sunday, July 3, 2016
IT'S MY FIRST BLOGIVERSARY! I seriously can't believe it's already been a year. On one hand, it feels like I've had this blog forever but also feels like it was only yesterday that I started. July 3, 2015 was the start to a new chapter in my life. So much has happened in this past year like meeting a bunch of people all over the world that I have grown very close to, learning more about myself, etc. I'm just really really thankful for anyone who has ever read my blog and enjoyed it and I hope to continue doing so. I thought I'd share the top 10 things I learned about blogging as my first blogiversary post:

1) Don't compare yourself to the success and growth of other bloggers

  • It's hard not to compare yourself when you're involved with the blogging community. You're able to see how there's hundreds of bloggers around the world and it could get discouraging when you see how fast their blog is growing or all of the opportunities they're getting.
  • 2) Engage with the blogging community, you won't regret it

  • I always knew of the basic blogging hashtags like #fbloggers, #bbloggers, #lbloggers, etc. but I had no idea about this huge community of supportive bloggers around the world. I loved blogging but after engaging with the blogging community on Twitter, it totally changed and made me love it even more and the people you meet are the most encouraging and motivating individuals.
  • 3) Taking #OOTD photos isn't as easy as you'd think

  • There's a lot more thought that goes into taking outfit photos. Sure, as time goes on we get better with what poses work for us but for the most part, we'll take hundreds of photographs and only use 5 at the end. I used to think that it was weird that it took me like 100 tries before I got the shot I was happy with but after many blogger chats, I found out it was completely normal. I also found that you should have some idea of what you have in mind versus just going out and taking shots. When you have a vision, it's easier to work with.
  • 4) There's no formula to success

  • The one thing that all successful bloggers (or anyone for that matter) have in common is hard work and dedication. You can't go into blogging with the intention of becoming the next Julia Engel or Kristina Bazan or Chiara Ferragni. Some marketing strategies may work for others but it doesn't necessarily mean that's the only pathway to your definition of success.
  • 5) Don't change your content to match what everyone else is doing. Remember to be yourself

  • It's easy to gain followers if you follow what everyone is doing. Like the minimalist theme - I love it but I could never do just black, white, grey and beige. Even though there are SO many accounts that have thousands of followers, I wouldn't change my content for the sake of more likes. I talked to a fellow blogger once about how I mass unfollowed a bunch of those accounts because they posted the same content so I really only needed to follow one of them and she said "Yeah but that's what everyone likes". Although I understand that, I realized that I should just stick to how I want people to see me and not to have some facade in order to gain a following.
  • 6) You know your blog and social media content more than anyone else

  • I like to keep my Instagram personal but also memorable. So all the photos I've posted have some kind of meaning to me, even if it's a photo of a cafe or food. I wouldn't take a photo if I didn't want to remember it, simply speaking. Even though people may criticize the way something is done, remember that the best thing about having your own blog is that it's whatever you want it to be.
  • 7) Engagement > Number of Followers

  • Numbers can get the best of any blogger. Every blogger has at least thought about gaining a huge following once in their blogging journey. This kind of ties with the first point I made about comparing yourself. Remember that the numbers don't matter because engagement with people who like any of the content you post is much more valuable than having their follow or a like from them. Also, just because someone has a massive following, doesn't mean they have engagement. I'd much rather have 10 comments than 100 likes.
  • 8) Focus on your content, not what you can get out of blogging (ie. PR samples)

  • Outside of the blogging world, all it looks like to other people are the free samples that you can get from blogging when in reality, it's not as easy as people think. Working with companies for your blog is like any kind of business relationship. It doesn't come easy and if you're only focused on getting free stuff, it's not going to work out. Create content because YOU want to.
  • 9) If you want to take your blog to a professional level (i.e. collaborating with companies), don't be afraid to take initiative and contact them first

  • With all the opportunities I've gotten over the past year, people have asked me how I got some of them. I'm very fortunate for the companies who have approached me but I'm also really happy I took the initiative to email other companies for a couple of reasons: it's a company YOU choose, so you know you'll like it and you show the company your interest in their products/work. There's so many bloggers out there and you can really show that you're unique from them if you take the first step.
  • 10) Remember to have fun and not to feel obligated to post, especially when you're in school

  • Blogger's guilt is probably something every blogger has felt at one point in their blogging journey. It totally sucks when you're not able to post because of other, more important obligations like school.
  • 8 comments on "Blogiversary: 10 Things I Learned"
    1. One year!!! SO PROUD OF YOU! All these points are on point ;P It's amazing what a year can bring and important to look at your work and growth as a blogger and person rather than numbers!
      LOVE YOU! xx here is to many more years :D

      Rai |

    2. I love these! My blog recently turned two and I've probably only started implementing all of these ideas in the last six months - I was so slow to the game! I really hope all my hard work in the last six months starts paying off soon and that this year ends on a high note for my blog

      Steph -

      1. Ahh congrats on your 2 year blogiversary! It definitely will if you really dedicate yourself to it :) Can't wait to see what comes out of your blog!

    3. Congrats on your one year blogiversary, Adrienne!! So exciting how far you've come! ��

      1. THANK YOU THANK YOU! So excited to take things to a whole new level for my blog this year :)

    4. These thoughts were so nice! I've learnt most of them so far, but I still try to find the courage to contact my favourite brands to start working with them. Somehow, I'm still waiting to grow my audience to bring them a stronger argument why they should work with me.

      1. That's totally understandable! I thought that because my I didn't have a huge audience, brands wouldn't want to work with me but I decided to try it out since the worst they can say is no. If you believe you're good enough to work with your favourite brands then you shouldn't have anything to worry about! Just keep trying until you achieve your goal :)


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