Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yesterday, I had the lovely opportunity to attend another one of Dave Lackie's events. If you don't know Dave Lackie, you can read this post on the first event I attended with him! This event was a breakfast with Estée Lauder in celebration of a modernized version of "The Beautiful Canadian" look from 1970 and Canada's 149th birthday. We had the most gorgeous venue: c5 Restaurant located at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I haven't been to a lot of events but this definitely topped every single one I've been to. They had lovely makeup artists who gave everyone a choice of two makeup looks. I, of course, took advantage of everything there and got my makeup done and was pleasantly surprised with the results (considering that many of you know that I rarely wear makeup!). I had Shawn (or Shaun) as my makeup artist and he gave me the perfect natural glow using Estée's DayWear Multi-Protection Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer. The best part about it is that it customizes to your skin tone to give you an instant glow. It's also great because as Canadians know, our skin in the winter versus summer is a drastic change. As for the overall look, I loved that it felt like I was wearing no face makeup. I've gotten my makeup done before but it always felt so cakey so being able to feel like I woke up with an instant and natural glow was a huge plus.

During the event, I had the amazing opportunity of chatting with two very special people from Estée: Philippe (President of Estée Lauder Companies in Canada) and Jason (Education Executive) (shown respectively). Both gentlemen were such a joy and it was an absolute honour to speak to both of them about the brand and their life.

Lastly, since it was Canadian themed, they had a Mountie for photos who I absolutely love. His name was Andrew and he's bae.

Of course, it's not a complete blog post without outfit details! This one is simple though because literally everything (except jewelry) are from Zara. I purchased the two-piece during their bi-annual sale so it's still available if anyone was interested! It's gorgeous and has that Chanel vibe because of the tweed and bow on the top. The frayed hems also make it more interesting and not too structured with the cut and the tweed gives off the overall texture. The bright orange-red stitching makes it a subtle statement which I love so pairing it with a bright lip and nails ties it all together!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! & this upcoming weekend is dedicated for blogging so be prepared for more :)

4 comments on "#LauderLovesCanada"
  1. Such an epic event, what a great way to network surrounded by industry professionals while getting your makeup done and having a blast at the same time haha! Your outfit is very Blair Waldorf which I'm loving <3
    Wish I could go to an event like this! Seems like so much fun! If there's one on when I visit you we have to go together haha x

    Rai x | utterardour.blogspot.com

    1. Comments comparing my outfits to Blair Waldorf are actually my favourite thing ever omg. YES WE WILL GO TO ONE. Just come to Toronto already haha

  2. What a fun event! You look absolutely gorgeous, love your outfit!

    Rachel / www.seashellsandsparkles.com

    1. Thanks so much Rachel! I'm blushing from your comment :)


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