Hello Happy Market 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

*I apologize for not posting for the last 2 weeks. I was really busy at work and was physically, mentally and emotionally drained from everything. I will go back to posting twice a week though!*

Last week, the Hello Happy Market happened in Toronto after the recent success of the one that was held in Alberta. I ended up going with my friend Mikayla (who is also a blogger AND I posted a collab with her last month if you'd like to check that out) because we wanted to check out one of our favourite online stores, Cherry Pick.

Cherry Pick is an online jewelry store that is based in Toronto. The unfortunate thing is that the prices on their website are in USD because that is where most of their sales are from so for us Canadians (and our terrible exchange rate), we had to take the opportunity to visit them when they had a pop-up shop (and to physically try on the accessories)! The people running the shop also were kind enough to take our photo and post it on their Instagram :)

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Along with Cherry Pick, the market basically was filled with everything Instagrammable. From gorgeous succulents in unique glassware to the most adorable children's clothing; they had it all. Personally, besides Cherry Pick, my favourite was Coco & Cowe Confectionary which has delicious treats. Mikayla tried one of their popsicles while I got the Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich. To the worker who was there, THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED AND IT REALLY TASTES LIKE A BIRTHDAY CAKE. The guy who was running the stand explained how even though there was no cake (it was a blondie brownie, vanilla ice cream and sprinkles), he promised it would taste just like a birthday cake.

We ended up exploring Kensington Market afterwards to take photos and try churros. Mikayla ended up helping me take photos for my latest Fashion Canada Style Panel post as well :)

*when you're too happy you don't care about your slight wardrobe malfunction*

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Outfit Details
  • Sweater - American Eagle
  • Pants - Topshop
  • Necklace - Cherry Pick
  • Bracelet -Cherry Pick
  • Shoes - Converse
  • Again, I'm so so sorry for the lack of posts recently! I'm going to do my best to get back into the 2 posts/week :)

    ALSO, if you like the stuff I'm wearing from Cherry Pick, you can use my discount code 'ADRI15' for 15% off your purchase!

    2 comments on "Hello Happy Market 2016"
    1. hahaha "when you're so happy you don't care about your slight wardrobe malfunction" love it! Their jewelry looks so pretty! Love these photos!

      Rai x | utterardour.blogspot.com

      1. Cherry Pick is easily becoming a new favourite of mine! I don't think I've ever had a day without a wardrobe malfunction hahah


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