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Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to go to the fashion presentation for CO+CO at Hudson's Bay. If you don't know, CO+CO is a womenswear line designed by Canadian supermodel, Coco Rocha. I absolutely adore her so when I found out the fashion presentation was opened to the public (if you RSVP'd), I immediately emailed the coordinators so my name would be on the list.

There was a short interview with Coco Rocha herself and since I got there early, I was able to be right at the front and got a close look at everything. She describes her collection as "sport chic" and the typical "CO+CO girl" is someone who's educated on fashion and knows what she wants (despite whatever is currently trending). I love how CO+CO doesn't cater to a specific kind of style and that all the pieces could be dressed up and dressed down.

My favourite thing Coco mentioned in her interview is being able to involve tech in her designs as much as possible, even if it's just a print. She loves to incorporate tech and fashion and if you read my blog before and saw my post about the Met Gala when they announced the 2016 theme back in 2015, I mentioned a design she wore from Zac Posen and Google's Made with Code.

In the designs below, she mentioned how her husband, James, distorts typical patterns and makes them unique (an example of that is in the photo below!). I also love how their logo isn't in a typical, perfect sans serif font but it's as if it is pixelated a bit.

I was never into "sport chic" or "athleisure" but when I saw her designs in person, I was amazed at the versatility they had. There was a variety of options as well from loose fitting dresses and tops to body fitting designs. My absolute favourite ensembles are a tie between the dress Coco Rocha was wearing and the one shown below:

After the presentation, I was invited to the VIP area where I got to meet Coco Rocha, have a few beverages and appetizers as well as get my fashion illustration done by Laura Gulshani. I even had the opportunity to speak to James, who I absolutely adore (especially when he posts on Instagram during fashion month). When I spoke to Coco, I pretty much professed my love for her on The Face. There's a photo on my Twitter where I look like I'm in awe over meeting her, which I totally was and AM SO HAPPY I GOT TO MEET HER. I also got to speak to some of the models and network with a few individuals which was amazing. Overall, it was just a fabulous event that I'm so lucky and happy to have been part of.

If you're into any of the designs I showed here, be sure to check out her collection at Hudson's Bay. The quality and designs look stunning in person and I definitely would love to get my hands on the two outfits I mentioned that were my favourite ones.

Hope you enjoyed today's post :)

2 comments on "CO+CO with Coco Rocha"
  1. I'm so glad you went to this, I love the photo of you on twitter you were totally in awe haha SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

    Rai x |

    1. OH MY GOSH I'M STILL SMILING OVER THIS. I've wanted to meet her for SOOO long. I honestly kept thinking "How is this real, how is this happening" the whole time. It's like Ihad a speech prepared and completely forgot it because I was in awe haha


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