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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yesterday, I had the lovely opportunity to attend another one of Dave Lackie's events. If you don't know Dave Lackie, you can read this post on the first event I attended with him! This event was a breakfast with Estée Lauder in celebration of a modernized version of "The Beautiful Canadian" look from 1970 and Canada's 149th birthday. We had the most gorgeous venue: c5 Restaurant located at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I haven't been to a lot of events but this definitely topped every single one I've been to. They had lovely makeup artists who gave everyone a choice of two makeup looks. I, of course, took advantage of everything there and got my makeup done and was pleasantly surprised with the results (considering that many of you know that I rarely wear makeup!). I had Shawn (or Shaun) as my makeup artist and he gave me the perfect natural glow using Estée's DayWear Multi-Protection Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer. The best part about it is that it customizes to your skin tone to give you an instant glow. It's also great because as Canadians know, our skin in the winter versus summer is a drastic change. As for the overall look, I loved that it felt like I was wearing no face makeup. I've gotten my makeup done before but it always felt so cakey so being able to feel like I woke up with an instant and natural glow was a huge plus.

During the event, I had the amazing opportunity of chatting with two very special people from Estée: Philippe (President of Estée Lauder Companies in Canada) and Jason (Education Executive) (shown respectively). Both gentlemen were such a joy and it was an absolute honour to speak to both of them about the brand and their life.

Lastly, since it was Canadian themed, they had a Mountie for photos who I absolutely love. His name was Andrew and he's bae.

Of course, it's not a complete blog post without outfit details! This one is simple though because literally everything (except jewelry) are from Zara. I purchased the two-piece during their bi-annual sale so it's still available if anyone was interested! It's gorgeous and has that Chanel vibe because of the tweed and bow on the top. The frayed hems also make it more interesting and not too structured with the cut and the tweed gives off the overall texture. The bright orange-red stitching makes it a subtle statement which I love so pairing it with a bright lip and nails ties it all together!

Hope you enjoyed today's post! & this upcoming weekend is dedicated for blogging so be prepared for more :)

CO+CO with Coco Rocha

Monday, June 20, 2016

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to go to the fashion presentation for CO+CO at Hudson's Bay. If you don't know, CO+CO is a womenswear line designed by Canadian supermodel, Coco Rocha. I absolutely adore her so when I found out the fashion presentation was opened to the public (if you RSVP'd), I immediately emailed the coordinators so my name would be on the list.

There was a short interview with Coco Rocha herself and since I got there early, I was able to be right at the front and got a close look at everything. She describes her collection as "sport chic" and the typical "CO+CO girl" is someone who's educated on fashion and knows what she wants (despite whatever is currently trending). I love how CO+CO doesn't cater to a specific kind of style and that all the pieces could be dressed up and dressed down.

My favourite thing Coco mentioned in her interview is being able to involve tech in her designs as much as possible, even if it's just a print. She loves to incorporate tech and fashion and if you read my blog before and saw my post about the Met Gala when they announced the 2016 theme back in 2015, I mentioned a design she wore from Zac Posen and Google's Made with Code.

In the designs below, she mentioned how her husband, James, distorts typical patterns and makes them unique (an example of that is in the photo below!). I also love how their logo isn't in a typical, perfect sans serif font but it's as if it is pixelated a bit.

I was never into "sport chic" or "athleisure" but when I saw her designs in person, I was amazed at the versatility they had. There was a variety of options as well from loose fitting dresses and tops to body fitting designs. My absolute favourite ensembles are a tie between the dress Coco Rocha was wearing and the one shown below:

After the presentation, I was invited to the VIP area where I got to meet Coco Rocha, have a few beverages and appetizers as well as get my fashion illustration done by Laura Gulshani. I even had the opportunity to speak to James, who I absolutely adore (especially when he posts on Instagram during fashion month). When I spoke to Coco, I pretty much professed my love for her on The Face. There's a photo on my Twitter where I look like I'm in awe over meeting her, which I totally was and AM SO HAPPY I GOT TO MEET HER. I also got to speak to some of the models and network with a few individuals which was amazing. Overall, it was just a fabulous event that I'm so lucky and happy to have been part of.

If you're into any of the designs I showed here, be sure to check out her collection at Hudson's Bay. The quality and designs look stunning in person and I definitely would love to get my hands on the two outfits I mentioned that were my favourite ones.

Hope you enjoyed today's post :)

Hello Happy Market 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

*I apologize for not posting for the last 2 weeks. I was really busy at work and was physically, mentally and emotionally drained from everything. I will go back to posting twice a week though!*

Last week, the Hello Happy Market happened in Toronto after the recent success of the one that was held in Alberta. I ended up going with my friend Mikayla (who is also a blogger AND I posted a collab with her last month if you'd like to check that out) because we wanted to check out one of our favourite online stores, Cherry Pick.

Cherry Pick is an online jewelry store that is based in Toronto. The unfortunate thing is that the prices on their website are in USD because that is where most of their sales are from so for us Canadians (and our terrible exchange rate), we had to take the opportunity to visit them when they had a pop-up shop (and to physically try on the accessories)! The people running the shop also were kind enough to take our photo and post it on their Instagram :)

A photo posted by Cherrypick (@cherrypick) on

Along with Cherry Pick, the market basically was filled with everything Instagrammable. From gorgeous succulents in unique glassware to the most adorable children's clothing; they had it all. Personally, besides Cherry Pick, my favourite was Coco & Cowe Confectionary which has delicious treats. Mikayla tried one of their popsicles while I got the Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich. To the worker who was there, THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED AND IT REALLY TASTES LIKE A BIRTHDAY CAKE. The guy who was running the stand explained how even though there was no cake (it was a blondie brownie, vanilla ice cream and sprinkles), he promised it would taste just like a birthday cake.

We ended up exploring Kensington Market afterwards to take photos and try churros. Mikayla ended up helping me take photos for my latest Fashion Canada Style Panel post as well :)

*when you're too happy you don't care about your slight wardrobe malfunction*

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Outfit Details
  • Sweater - American Eagle
  • Pants - Topshop
  • Necklace - Cherry Pick
  • Bracelet -Cherry Pick
  • Shoes - Converse
  • Again, I'm so so sorry for the lack of posts recently! I'm going to do my best to get back into the 2 posts/week :)

    ALSO, if you like the stuff I'm wearing from Cherry Pick, you can use my discount code 'ADRI15' for 15% off your purchase!

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