Get to Know Me: Liebster Award 2.0

Monday, May 9, 2016
The lovely Taylor from Taylor Talks XO nominated me for the Liebster Award. She nominated me back in April but it was pretty close to my other tag posts so I thought I'd do this one later. Basically, you thank the person you nominated, answer the questions they wrote in their post and then nominate bloggers and come up with your own questions! I connected with Taylor over Twitter (as I do with 99% of my blogging friends) after she found out I was also a fellow Toronto blogger.

Now for the questions!

What's your favourite part about blogging and the blogging community?

  • Favourite thing about blogging would be the fact that I'm getting back into old hobbies like photography and also being able to really experiment with my fashion choices. As for the blogging community, I love how everyone is welcoming and supportive. I've heard stories about bloggers who are rude but have never come across any issues like that!
  • How long have you been reading blogs for?

  • I've been reading blogs on and off for about 5 years but it has become more constant now that I've started my own.
  • Do you have a quote that you live by or like to keep in mind?

  • I always have a motivational quote as my lock screen so whenever I check my phone, I always read it. I've had "Get up, dress up, show up but never give up" on my phone for a while (mainly because of school) but lately I've been repeating "Fear less and live a bit more" and "Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"
  • What has been your biggest challenge so far in the blogging world?

  • Definitely trying to make your content unique. It's hard when there are thousands of bloggers and even if it's not your career, it's still something bloggers try to achieve.
  • If you could visit any country or city what would it be?

  • There's too many! I want to travel the world but as of now, I've really wanted to visit Greece and Thailand recently.
  • If you are in or want to go to College/University what program career field are you going for/want to go for?

  • I'm currently in university with a double major in math and art history (VERY DIFFERENT I KNOW). I don't think my career will end up being purely mathematical or art historical. I really want to be able to have a career where I can be both creative and analytical at the same time. Not quite sure what career that would be yet!
  • Whats your favourite makeup brand and why?

  • I don't wear makeup often but I really love NYX. It's affordable and the quality is great.
  • Where do you find most of your inspiration, for blog posts?

  • Pretty much with anything I'm doing. I've gotten inspiration from fashion documentaries, lectures, photographs. I don't think there's one particular way I consistently get inspiration from! It happens when it does.
  • Do you prefer shopping for makeup or clothes?

  • Oh 100% on clothes. I'm more of a drugstore person when it comes to makeup! I don't like to invest a lot of money into a product that I will not be using a lot. Plus, as a fashion blogger, it's the obvious choice right?
  • Whats your favourite clothing store and why?

  • Okay, it's a tie between ASOS and Zara. I can't choose between them. I own more stuff from Zara only because I can't return stuff at ASOS from Canada (shipping costs of course). There's a huge variety at ASOS but I also love that Zara has a wide range of prices and unique styles. Also, ASOS and Zara can be pricey at times but they do carry a lot of affordable items. I'm always happy with the quality with my purchases from both places.
  • If you could tell others new bloggers one thing you have learned so far about blogging what would it be?

  • Don't worry about the numbers or how fast or slow the growth of your blog is. It may be nice to receive free products or have 1000 likes on an Instagram photo but numbers aren't everything. Just be happy with the content you're producing.
  • I've already nominated all my blogging friends for tag posts so instead I'm not going to nominate anyone and ask whoever reads this to comment their answer to this question: What do you think is a unique characteristic about yourself?

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