Irresistible Me Auto-Rotating Curling Iron Review

Thursday, April 28, 2016
I recently received the Ruby 2 Way Auto Rotating Curler from Irresistible Me. I've seen auto rotating curling irons around on Instagram and was very intrigued to try it so when Irresistible Me offered the chance to review the product, I jumped at the chance.
I was really excited to try this product but when I opened it, it was much larger than I expected which was a bit of a turn off. I compared it to the size of my Hot Tools curling iron and realized that the reason it felt larger was because of the weight.
The first time I used it was when I attended the Young Women in Business Conference held on March 26. Normally, I curl my hair for most events I attend so I decided to try out the auto rotating curler. The ease of having left and right auto rotation was extremely helpful because it's much easier to remember which button you pressed so you can alternate curls rather than thinking "Did I curl towards or away from my head?". Although, it was difficult to use with shorter hair. Usually I don't have any problems with curling short hair but because the clasp is only on a small portion of the curler (unlike my Hot Tools one), my hair was easily able to fall out whenever I tried to curl it. I didn't want to base this review purely on one use, so I used it a few more times before gathering all my thoughts on this product.

Instead of me rambling on, I decided to concise everything into a pros and cons list:
Overall, I'd rate this a 4/5! With enough practice, I think you can really nail a good technique down to get the perfect curls you want. It's easy to create soft waves and super tight curls with this product. The auto-rotating option is perfect because it doesn't tire out your arm which I know can happy if it takes a while to curl your hair. Also, if you don't grab at least a one inch section to curl, it will fall out very easily when you try to curl it!
Leave me a comment down below if you like using a curling iron or curling wand. Also, if you have any experiences with Irresistible Me Hair Extensions, leave me your opinion on it or the link to your review if you have one!
Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Irresistible Me - this product was sent to me but as always, all opinions are my own.
4 comments on "Irresistible Me Auto-Rotating Curling Iron Review"
  1. I'm just super intrigued by the whole 'auto rotating' part of the curler... I've seen a handful of these reviews but wonder how it works in real life lol. I usually use a straightener for my hair bc my curler takes too long to heat + it doesn't have temp control and I have to say it works pretty well. Though over the years I've been trying to hunt down a good all in one curler!

    Cherie | sinonym

    1. I've seen an auto rotating curler used on the VS angels so I was intrigued as well! IT takes some time getting used to but the curls are fab are just like the ones I would've achieved with a curling iron! Since my hair is naturally straight, I don't usually use a straightener but when I used to use one, I don't even think I used it right because I would only get soft waves instead of curls hahah

  2. My hair is quite short so I don't think I'd be able to use this curler easily. Does sound interesting though! If it had a longer clasp I think it would work better in my hair!

    Rai |

    1. Yeah I definitely noticed a huge difference when I used it on longer hair. It gets annoying when you miss a little section that's not even close to an inch and the hair keeps falling out!


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