A Blogger's Guide To: Instagrammable Restaurants in Toronto

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm a sucker for aesthetically pleasing places. Any place with a great interior, I'll probably visit at least once. That's pretty much how I decide on places to visit in Toronto. I mean, I won't go back there if they don't have good food or anything but pretty decor is definitely an incentive for me to visit. I wanted to start a new series on my blog, "A Guide To:"

For this first guide, I decided to start with "Instagrammable Restaurants in Toronto." Not only will it have Instagram-worthy food but awesome interior as well! There are so many places in Toronto to visit so these are just my top 8 favourites of the ones I've visited so far. Exploring more of Toronto is definitely on my list of things to do so there most likely will be a part 2 to this post :) Also, these are not listed in any particular order!

I decided to show my favourite places to take photos but instead of using my DSLR to take these photos, I wanted to use my iPhone and editing apps (aka VSCO) because I know a lot of people use their mobiles for photos instead of a DSLR. Any other Instagrammable kind of guides will also be taken with my phone!

1) Sorry Coffee Co.

  • I think every Canadian has made a Justin Bieber reference whenever they visit this place so I'll avoid doing that but this is a cute cafe hidden in Yorkville. I say "hidden" because it can go unnoticed since it's in the middle of a small alleyway. The place is quite small but has a cozy interior with marble counters. It's also connected to a clothing store which I thought was pretty cool!
  • 2) Portland Variety

  • My boyfriend knows that every time I want to try a new place there's some random reason behind it. For this place, it was because of the wall outside with Kate Moss. It's such an awesome mural to check out. As for the interior, it's a similar vibe as Sorry Coffee Co.
  • 3) Balzac's Coffee at the Distillery District

  • There is another location for Balzac's Coffee but without a doubt, the one at the Distillery District is the BEST. I always passed by it when I'm there but never went inside until my most recent trip to their yearly Christmas Market. Once I walked in, I was like "I NEED TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THIS PLACE". It was pretty packed so I didn't get to try it until recently but I can say that the Salted Caramel Latte is so good. Best latte I've had for sure!
  • 4) Colette Grand Cafe

  • If you love French architecture, you'll know the look of Colette Grand Cafe. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you walked into an actual French restaurant in France and not just one in Toronto. I haven't tried the entire menu yet but I can tell you that the caramel macarons are definitely my favourite dessert they have!
  • 5) Maman Toronto

  • I'm not going to lie, the reason I wanted to go here was because of their coffee cups (and the first time I went I didn't even get the pretty one sadly). The whole place just had this rustic vibe going on that I couldn't resist. You know those weddings you see on Pinterest? With the perfect wooden tables and tree stumps as decor? It was that kind of vibe. I haven't found a hot beverage I liked there yet but I do love their sandwiches!
  • 6) Cluny Bistro

  • I went to this gorgeous restaurant for my 3rd year anniversary with my boyfriend. They had a wonderful selection for both brunch and lunch that I ended up ordering brunch instead. They also have a little bakery at the front of the restaurant if you're not planning on getting a full meal. The decor in this place is absolutely stunning and the food was great! Although I didn't get to sit in this area, my favourite part of it is the brick wall filled with different framed mirrors!
  • 7) Roselle Desserts

  • This is one of the cutest little places I've come across! I found it when I was taking a walk back to the streetcar and saw the adorable "desserts make me happy" sign. I also saw one of the workers bring out a dessert to person and it looked so good (Yes, I was watching through the window, non-nonchalantly of course). So of course, I had to see if anyone tagged it to see other photos and I knew I had to visit. *Also every time I was free to visit this place, it was closed so I'm EXTREMELY happy I finally got to go*
  • 8) Sweet Jesus

  • This is definitely a place for someone with a sweet tooth. It's also the perfect summer date idea because the soft serve is quite large that you can share it.
  • Tell me what your favourite location by commenting below! :)

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    1. What an awesome idea for a blog post! So cool to see a local's perspective of a city, and finding Instagrammable places is a must! Now I need to go to Toronto...;)

      1. Yes you do, there's so much diversity! Come to this side of Canada soon :)


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