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Tuesday, March 22, 2016
I actually quite enjoy these tag posts. I think you can get to know the blogger more through these. Recently, I was nominated by Cortney from Lively Little Life for the "Blogger Awards" so thank you to her! She has a lovely lifestyle blog that you guys should definitely check out. I also was recently nominated by DeAndrea from A Sister's Crown so like the Liebster's Award post, I'll be combining all questions!


  • Tag the blogger that nominated you
  • Answer the questions you were given
  • Nominate 10 bloggers
  • Create new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them
  • Now for the questions!

    Do you think there is a secret to blogging success? Or do you think its something that comes with time?

  • If you want to turn blogging into a full-time career, I think it's something that will take time. No matter what your definition of success is, I believe that if you stay genuine to your audience, success will naturally come.
  • What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

  • Definitely keeping up with consistent posts. I'm a full-time university student, part-time intern and have a part-time job so trying to keep up with my schedule but also maintaining the level of quality I want is very frustrating. There's also a lot of ideas I have in mind to improve my blog but it's difficult when you either don't have the equipment or time to do it!
  • How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

  • Since I'm an art history major, every week in class inspires me for more creative posts (so look forward to all of the things I'm working on!) but another major motivation is the entire blogging community. Everyone is welcoming and kind (that I've met so far) and they are always there to help you whenever you need advice.
  • What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

  • Twitter chats. Engaging in the blogging community is so important. I knew of the simple hashtags like #fbloggers and #bbloggers but I had no idea that chats existed. After participating in them, I gained a number of viewers and friends that I hope to collaborate with soon!
  • What was your greatest blogging failure and what did you learn from that?

  • Oh gosh, recently my boyfriend was trying to help me with Google Analytics and told me to copy the script onto each of my posts. He's in computer science and has a lot of experience with web development so I followed exactly what he said but the HTML code showed up and since I didn't put the script on all my posts, I forgot to take some of it off so I apologize if anyone saw that. I think I got rid of all of it now though.
  • Now for DeAndrea's questions! A couple of them were answered in my Liebster Award's post so instead of repeating my answer, click here for that post!

    What made you start blogging?

  • I've said before that I wanted to start blogging a long time ago but the reason I finally did was because I needed a hobby again. I kind of lost that creative element I had while I was in university and wanted to get back into things like photography and I thought blogging would be the perfect way to motivate me. It also incorporates all my favourite things: fashion, photography, graphic design.
  • Do you have any favorite brands or fashion labels you’re loving right now? If so, which ones?

  • I discovered some new ones so check out my Fashion Round Up: Runway Looks post to see what new brands I've been loving!
  • Nominating people is my favourite part so:
  • 1) Jenn from A Spoonful of Sugars
  • 2) Miki from Miki a la Mode
  • 3) Brooklyn from Just Being Brooklyn
  • 4) Andrea from More Than Rubies
  • 5) Donah from Sweet Jelly Bean
  • 1) What do you hope to get out of your blog?
  • 2) Is blogging something you want to do full-time or is it a stepping stone for where you want to be?
  • 3) If you could collaborate with any company, which one would it be and why?
  • 4) Is your blog a secret to your family and friends? If so, why have you not told them?
  • 5) What's your greatest (current) blogging achievement?
  • Thanks again to Cortney and DeAndrea for nominating me!

    4 comments on "Get To Know Me: Blogger Awards Tag "
    1. Woah Adrienne you are busy! Uni, interning and part time job? Plus you blog? I salute you for being able to organize all of that!

      I still don't even look at google analytics so you are still way ahead of me haha

      Rai x |

      1. Insane schedule right? I try my best to keep up with my schedule but it's hard a lot of the time! Haha even though I have Google Analytics, I barely look at it. I mainly look at my bounce rate and try to decrease it :)

    2. Thanks so much for nominating me, Adrienne! I agree, Twitter chats are awesome! It's such an easy way to connect with other bloggers like yourself from all over the world.

      I thought I'd leave the link to the "Get to know me" tag I did in response to this here, even though I know you've already checked it out :) -->

      1. No problem Andrea! Yes, Twitter chats are so great. It's by far the best social media platform to engage with other bloggers. Yay, hope other people get to see the link :)


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