Fashion Month Round Up: Street Style

Thursday, March 24, 2016
You can't talk about fashion month without mentioning street style. Sometimes it's even better than the shows! I really enjoy seeing people being very experimental with their outfits, especially bloggers. They don't need a stylist to tell them what to wear. Another reason I enjoy street style so much is because it's like playing dress up all week but also getting photographed (who wouldn't love that?).

Anyways, similar to my previous fashion month round up post, I thought I'd share my favourite street style outfits I came across. As you know, (or don't know - maybe you're new here, so hi), one of my majors is art history. One of my classes, Fashions and Textiles is held at the Royal Ontario Museum. The beginning of the second half of the semester, we started learning about the history of fashion. I've been really excited for this portion of the course because it was the main reason I signed up for it. In the first class in the fashion section, my professor mentioned Barbara Johnson's Album of Styles and Fabrics.

Barbara Johnson lived in the mid 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. She kept a record of clothing she wore but also included specific information like the cost, fabric swatches and yards of cloth needed to make her clothing items. She also provided images from fashion magazines. During the time she was alive, fashion underwent a huge change. There were specific developments in silhouettes and trends throughout the 19th century.

For this street style round up, I wanted to do something similar. I mean, it's essentially the same idea Barbara Johnson had - keeping track of current trends and fabrics. I wanted to make it a bit more modern by using programs like Photoshop but also keep it in an album format - almost as if it was scanned onto your computer. The reason I chose to do this with the street style of fashion month instead is because I get more inspired by those looks than the runway looks. I apologize for the lengthy introduction but this is the very first in my "Creative's Corner" section on my blog where I will continue to show fashion-related (or other) posts but in a way where I apply the inspiration I get from everywhere.

Which street style star was your favourite during fashion month? Leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: All street style photographs belong to Phil Oh

4 comments on "Fashion Month Round Up: Street Style"
  1. I looove this post! Also that class you are taking sounds AWESOME! :)

    Lee -

    1. Thanks Lee! Hoping to start posting more creative things on my blog :)

  2. Adrienne! This post is even cooler than what my mind had pictured! I LOVE IT! I think I go more towards the PFW inspo as that is what I'd like my winter wardrobe to look like, bright romantic colours, lace tops, blazers/coats and the collars!

    Can't wait to see what else you put into the series! It's nice seeing how you've gained inspo from your uni work and included it on the blog! <3

    Rai |

    1. RAI! Same here, I relate to Paris' street style so much. So gorgeous! I don't know how often I'll post in the Creative's Corner but I have A LOT planned. Hahah literally me taking notes in class is "---- *for blog*"


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