Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Him

Monday, February 1, 2016
Instead of giving the same talk in my last post, "Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her", let's just go straight into it:

1) Cologne

  • Does any one else feel like men don't know that there's more cologne options besides Axe? It's as if every guy smells the same to me! I love myself a good sophisticated scent. Anything that's not sweet would probably be considered sophisticated to me (to be completely honest). For females, I recommended the 1954 perfume by Fossil and they also have a version for males that I love as well! Considering I don't smell men's cologne often, I don't want to recommend any others since I haven't personally smelled it myself!
  • 2) Framed Photo/Shadow Box

  • This is probably a cheesy idea but hey, I did this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loved it. We usually have 2-part gifts where one is hand-made so for Christmas 2015, I decided to make buy a shadow box from Michaels and put some old photographs of us as the background. Since it is a shadow box, I put some things that I've collected over the past few years we've been dating like movie tickets, admission tickets and any other knick-knacks that have some meaning or memory behind it. Another idea is to frame a photo of something or some place that means something to either both of you or to your partner! You can even frame their artwork if that's something they do.
  • 3) Customize his favourite desserts

  • It's a simple fact that guys love food. So a cute idea for Valentine's Day is to make his favourite desserts and customize them! Maybe write even have a secret message. Oh, like have a sentence that has a letter on each cupcake and scramble it up and then let him try to decode the message? Either way, it'll be fun for both of you because at the end you'll get to eat desserts and who doesn't love that?
  • 4) Tickets to his favourite band/sports team

  • If you listen to your significant other/partner, it becomes really easy to buy a gift for them. Always consider their interests when thinking of a gift. Something common that men would enjoy would be tickets to their favourite band or sports team.
  • 5) (Monogrammed) Wallet

  • Has anyone else noticed that practically ever male on the universe owns the exact same black wallet? I do not have a single male friend that has something different. To make it a bit more personal, you could get it monogrammed with their initials or even put a photo of you two together!
  • In reality, all of the gift ideas I've said in both of my gift guides really could be applied to any gender so don't feel as if you could only get a guy ___ and a girl ___. These gifts are definitely interchangeable and I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment below what you're planning on getting someone for Valentine's if you're celebrating with someone or if you're not, tell me what you'll be doing!

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