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Monday, February 15, 2016
Travelling around the world is something that I think a majority of people want to do. There's so much to see and I love how there's a new cultural experience wherever you go. I know I'd love to visit practically everywhere in the world so I can see everything I've learned about in my university courses in real life. I've always been a visual learner but I think you appreciate things more when you see it for yourself rather than learning it from a textbook or seeing it on slideshows. With reading week coming up for a majority of post-secondary students in Ontario, I thought showing you what I find are travel essentials would be perfect. I'm definitely not someone who likes to bring impractical items on a trip but more of someone who takes precaution. Here are my top 4:
1) RFID Case/Card Case Wallet
  • This is something I have to thank my parents for telling me about. We always like to take precautions to avoid losing anything when we're on vacation, whether it be tagging our luggage for it to stand out or simply labeling our most important items. When you travel, you carry extremely important documents and cards with you that would be a pain to replace if anything were to happen to it. I would recommend bringing only the cards you will be using instead. Also, there are some wallets that have RFID theft protection in order to prevent identity theft. These kinds of items can be pricey but are definitely worth the investment. If you cannot afford that, they do sell RFID cases that are very affordable that are designed to hold up to two cards. Here's a video below that explains a bit about RFID protected technology:

  • 2) 4-wheel luggage
  • Until recently, I never noticed how much better it is to travel with a 4-wheel luggage versus the 2-wheel one I've been used to my whole life. Long story short, it makes it much easier to travel with. So if you're still using a 2-wheel, definitely think about upgrading to a 4-wheel luggage.

  • 3) Portable USB Charger/Battery Pack Phone Case
  • If you travel like my family, you probably go out all day and don't have time to go back to the hotel to charge your phone. I think having a portable USB charger or a charging case for your phone is important regardless if you're travelling or not. Since a majority of people are using their phones when they're out, being able to charge it while you're on the go is perfect!

  • 4) Tile Item Tracker
  • I recently found out about Tile through my sister. This device is a tracker you can attach on anything you'd like (ex. keys, camera, etc.) and you can access where it is on an app you download after you connect the device to it. It does rely on Bluetooth and also works up to 100' away. My favourite part about it is that you besides seeing it's location on the app, you can also enable it to make a noise so it's easier for you to find. This is definitely an item you'd want to have when travelling or just on an everyday basis.

  • Photo Credit: Best Buy Canada
    Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments any travel essentials that I missed!
    2 comments on "Travel Essentials & Safety Tips"
    1. I would LOVE to upgrade to 4-wheel luggage soon! I imagine it's easier to hold as well!!!

      1. So much easier! Especially when you're on the train or something. It's easier to navigate haha


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