STYLE MUSE: Gigi Hadid

Monday, February 8, 2016
Gigi's stylist is amazing. Plain and simple. Her street style is one of my favourites. There are a quite a number of outfits she's worn recently that I am totally in love with which is why she is my latest style muse. Here's how to get the look for my top 5 street style looks from her!

Outfit 1

  • Okay, this is hands down, without a doubt my favourite Gigi Hadid look. She wore this during Haute Couture week in Paris and totally killed it both on the runway and off. I don't like the overly ripped jeans look but on Gigi, it looks amazing and makes me want to buy a pair. Don't be surprised if I wear an outfit just like this in the future, I love it that much. It was hard to find a top similar to Gigi's. I know there is one at Topshop but was sold out pretty quickly. A way you can achieve this look is by wearing a white v-neck blouse and either tying a white skinny scarf around your neck or you can even use a white ribbon and make your own choker necklace!
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - New Look
  • Top - Forever 21 (similar)
  • Scarf - ASOS
  • Jeans - Forever 21
  • Shoes - Call it Spring
  • Outfit 2

  • I honestly did not think Gigi could top this outfit at first. It was my favourite until I saw the photos of her at Haute Couture week. My favourite part about this is how it's a monochrome outfit but her pink sunglasses are the statement piece. Your eyes are easily drawn to the side slit in her dress and to her sunglasses. Not too many stores offer a satin maxi/midi shirt dress with a high slit like Gigi's Self Portrait dress. To achieve this look, I found a midi skirt from Boohoo with a side slit and a button up faux suede shirt from Forever 21. Pair it with a camel duster coat and you are good to go! I couldn't find the exact shade to match Gigi's but the items definitely give off the same vibe!
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - Boohoo
  • Top - Forever 21
  • Skirt - Boohoo
  • Shoes - Call it Spring
  • Outfit 3

  • I've been loving the (faux) fur trend going on. It honestly can glam up any simple outfit. I love the colour of Gigi's coat because while it's not your typical brown or grey fur, it's still pretty neutral and can go with almost anything.
  • Outfit Details
  • Sweater - Forever 21
  • Coat - Forever 21
  • Jeans - ASOS
  • Shoes - Call it Spring
  • Outfit 4

  • For this outfit, I opted to show a faux fur coat and a faux shearling coat from Forever 21 that still gives off the same vibe. I love seeing "winter white" looks because it just goes to show that you don't need to wear dark colours all throughout winter.
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - Forever 21 (alternative)
  • Top - Forever 21
  • Jeans - Forever 21
  • Shoes - Nike
  • Outfit 5

  • I love simple but chic this outfit is. It's another monochrome outfit but a casual take on it. My favourite part of this outfit are the drawstring bottoms. It's such a casual piece that you wouldn't expect to be part of such a fab outfit. Also, you can pair the outfit with either a grey coat or a grey blanket scarf and it'll still be a cozy outfit at the end!
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - Forever 21
  • Sweater - New Look
  • Joggers - Old Navy
  • Boots - Steve Madden
  • Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. All rights go to Getty Images.

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    1. Great outfits .. And you found some amazing dupes !! I love both of the faux fur outfits .. Especially that nude faux fur coat !!! Loved this post lovely !!



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