Get To Know Me: Liebster Award Nominations

Thursday, February 25, 2016
I've been seeing this tag post going around and was glad to be nominated by one of my very first Twitter friends, Jenn! I came across her profile and noticed she was from Toronto like myself and even tweeted her saying that was the reason I followed her. Since then, we've been easily became friends and are trying to find time to meet each other officially! I was also nominated by Miki from Miki a la Mode. Miki is so so so sweet and I met her through Twitter chats. She's currently in California but is also from Toronto. I hope I get to meet her as well whenever she comes back to the city. Since there's a lot of questions, I'll be answering most of them only (since I've been having trouble coming up with some answers for a few questions!) so be prepared for a lengthy post.

Here are a few rules associated with the Liebster Award:

  • 1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog in your post.
  • 2. Answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • 3. Nominate 5 -11 bloggers that you feel deserve the award (typically people pick bloggers who have less than 1000 followers)
  • 4. Create a list of new questions for your nominees to answer.
  • 5. Once your blog is published, let your nominees know that they have been nominated & link them to your post for more details.

    What is your #1 source for inspiration? Could be for blogging, getting up in the morning, anything!

  • For blogging, I usually look at Instagram and Tumblr. I don't purposely go on social media for inspiration, it usually comes at random times to be honest! I'm going to sound crazy but whenever I'm alone, I have conversations with myself and end up trailing off into different topics and think of new posts.
  • What is your favourite season?

  • AUTUMN, without a doubt. I feel like a majority of females love fall but it's just so gorgeous. I love autumn in Toronto because it gets a bit chilly and having all the leaves change colours makes everything in the city extra pretty. I love being able to wear some layers because 1) Canadian winters can be really cold and I don't want to layer THAT much and 2) Spring/Summer can get so warm and I'm not someone who loves to wears shorts and crop tops.
  • Drink of choice?

  • I'm so lame but I always get water. I used to like soda as a kid, I'm not a fan of caffeine
  • Which actor/actress would be cast as yourself, in a movie of your life?

  • She doesn't look like me at all but Bailee Madison. If you guys don't know, I absolutely LOVE this girl. We met in Toronto last month as well and hanging out with her confirmed how we are so similar. When my little sister asked me to tell her my experience meeting Bailee, she's like "She's exactly like you." Long story short, the way Bailee takes her Instagram photos is exactly how I would. If you noticed in a photo of her at NYFW and she's taking a group selfie but is using another phone's flashlight for added light. That is basically me. I recently received TRESemmé products (be on the lookout for that post on Monday!) and as I was trying to take photos of it in my room (where there is literally NO light), I was holding my phone for an aerial shot, while holding a lamp in my other hand. My sister was watching me as I took those photos and was laughing the whole time. Anyways, Bailee is the sweetest and has the most beautiful soul ever so I would of course choose her because she'd be able to channel myself PERFECTLY. Inserting a couple of photos of us because, why not? (PS: Appreciate the snow on our hair because we purposely chose to take these photos outside)
  • What is the strongest dream that you can remember?

  • All my dreams are weird. I can't remember anything at the moment but I can tell you one minute I'll be getting pushed into a cave in Egypt but the next minute I'm in the city. It's very random and I'll have a vivid memory of it for like a few hours and I'll forget it instantly if I don't tell someone right away.
  • If you could pick anywhere in the world to live, where would you go and why?

  • Probably Paris. I mean, Europe in general is gorgeous and seems more like my element in terms of living but visiting France has always been a dream of mine so I'd probably choose that country over any other one in the world.
  • List 3 words to describe yourself.

  • Determined: Whenever I set my mind onto something, I will always put my heart and soul into it.
  • Caring: Even if I haven't known you for a while, you can always come to me for advice or a casual conversation. Even if you need someone to only listen to you, I'll do it.
  • Supportive: I love seeing people trying to achieve their dreams. It's such a great feeling when you're able to see someone's passion for whatever they want to do. I'm always supportive for whatever goals and dreams my friends and family have set for themselves. There was one time I didn't compliment my friend's singing voice for a while so when she posted a cover, I texted her a short paragraph saying how much I love her voice.
  • What advice would you give for future bloggers, or any blogger in general? New and veterans!

  • For future bloggers, I'd tell them that they should go for it. I know I didn't start a blog because it was terrifying putting myself out there but the blogging community is incredibly supportive and sweet. It's great knowing people who have the same interests as you.

    How did you get into blogging?

  • In 2010, I used to go on Chictopia and Lookbook ALL THE TIME. I started to get fashion inspiration from it but because I went to a Catholic high school, I wore a uniform so I didn't have the opportunity to experiment with clothing as much as I wanted to. Now that I've been blogging, I feel like I'm able to step outside my comfort zone even more so because I have that freedom now that I'm in university.
  • What are some bloggers that inspire you?

  • SO EASY. Number one would definitely be Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam - I love her feminine and elegant style. Her recent collaboration with Bauble Bar was one of my favourites they've ever done! Another one is Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad - she's very experimental with her outfits but she always owns it which is my favourite part. She's not afraid to try new things. My last favourite is Kristina Bazan from Kayture. I've loved her outfits for a while now but I love seeing her Snapchats more. She has a wonderful personality and is always having a great time. If you didn't know, besides being a gorgeous model and ambassador for many brands, SHE SINGS. Not just, "better than average" singing but one of those soothing and calming voices. If you haven't heard her sing, definitely check out the short film she did with Mugler!
  • What has been your favorite travel destination? And, where do you want to go next?

  • My favourite to this day has been NYC. I haven't traveled SO much but anywhere in Europe is really the dream. I've always wanted to go to France, Italy, Greece, Spain and England.
  • Do you have a blogging schedule? What days have you found to be the best to publish your work?

  • I post on Mondays and Thursdays. I find that those days work out the best for me mainly because a lot of people are online for Twitter chats!
  • What are some of your favorite social media & editing apps?

  • Twitter is by far my all-time fav. My current account, @AdrienneNaval shows that I've only had it since January 2014 but I did have another one from 2009 (which is on private and have not deactivated it because I'm sentimental over my Justin Bieber follow on there haha). I also love Instagram; I don't post a lot but I'm ALWAYS scrolling through it. As for editing apps, VSCO is like my holy grail. I love being able to pre-plan my Instagram and seeing how my photos look with the rest of my feed.
  • What is the top activity you do to drive traffic to your blog?

  • Twitter. I haven't utilized other apps like Instagram for traffic on my blog. Once I do that, EVERYONE in my life will find out about my blog which I'm not quite ready for yet. I like having it as my little secret for now. Some of them do know but I have no clue if they've read it and if they have and are currently reading this, HEY FRIENDS I LOVE YOU.
  • Can you share a couple of dream collaborations you’d want for your blog?

  • HANDS DOWN COLLABORATING WITH JULIA ENGEL. She's my birthday twin and she's the blogger I get the MOST inspiration from. Company-wise, I would love to collaborate with ASOS and/or Bauble Bar. ASOS carries a variety of brands from high to low and no matter what style you have, you can find great pieces there. They also help introduce me to new brands since it is a UK online store, there's a bunch of brands we don't have here in Canada. Bauble Bar has guest bartenders and a lot of people I look up to have collaborated with them (like Julia Engel, Wendy's Lookbook, Olivia Palermo and Ingrid Nilsen) so it'd be awesome to follow in their footsteps. Also, I've mentioned this before but they have such an incredible customer service team so I can only imagine that the rest of the employees they are just as kind and sweet like their SWAT team.
  • What’s your next big purchase?

  • I'm hoping my next big purchase will be a new DSLR. I've been planning on upgrading the camera body I have now (Nikon D3000) to the D5300 since it was released. I use my dad's Canon 60D but not for blogging. I mainly want to upgrade to a more advanced DSLR with video (possibly for Youtube if I ever decide to try it out) but one that's not insanely heavy like the 60D. Carrying camera equipment around the city tires me out a lot.
  • What are some online sites you get amazing deals for beauty, fashion or for your blog?

  • For makeup, I'm a drugstore kind of gal and I also mainly wear lipstick and eyebrow products only. For fashion, ASOS and Zara are my go-to. I love love love all their stuff and find that it's most fitting to my style.

  • A lot of people I talk to have been nominated already so it's totally cool if you don't answer these or because you're not into tag posts but:
  • Lisa from Mostly Lisa
  • Rai from Utter Ardour
  • Krystal-Marie from Embrace and Ignite
  • Sally from My Practical Blog
  • Annie from Annie's Percception
  • Charlie from Charlie CP
  • 1) What's your favourite part about the blogging community?
  • 2) What is your dream career?
  • 3) Would you consider blogging full-time?
  • 4) If you had to choose one brand of makeup and one brand of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, which brands would you choose and why?
  • 5) Are there any beauty, hair and fashion trends you're looking forward to?
  • 6) Do you like binge-watching on Netflix? If so, what are you currently watching?
  • 7) Name a couple of your hobbies besides blogging or name something you're interested in learning.
  • 8) Who are your top 5 people you gain inspiration from on Instagram?
  • 9) What are the last 5 songs you listened to?
  • 10) Do you have a bucket list? If so, what's the oddest/weirdest/silliest thing on that list? (Mine would be strutting down Barcelona while listening to Strut by the Cheetah Girls or milking a cow)
  • Hope you enjoyed my answers and got a sneak peek into my life!

    17 comments on "Get To Know Me: Liebster Award Nominations"
    1. Wheee!! haha
      Firstly | You've met Bailee?! What! Thats epic shes in like every movie/tv show from growing up I love her haha!
      We will move to Paris/France together, that's where I would choose as well, or NYC haha
      I've heard people talk about VSCO before for editing I'll have to try it out :)

      Secondly | THANKS for the Nom! I believe I've done it before but I'll do it again! It'll be good to see how I've changed! It may be a few weeks till it's up though! xoxo

      Rai |

      1. Bailee is THE sweetest person ever. I adore her so much!!
        VSCO was life changing, you can probably tell when my Instagram game improved if you look at my feed. That's all because of VSCO haha

        Yay!! I'm glad you're still doing it. I wanted to nominate people who I consider blogging friends but weren't nominated yet lol. I'm excited to read it when you post it :)

      2. hahahaha Australia is pretty great tbh but Europe *heart eyes* haha

    2. Water is my favorite drink! That's what I drink all day long. I make a juice in the morning to eat with my breakfast, but besides that it's water all the time. If I go out to eat at a restaurant I ask for water with a lemon, so that makes it nice (since throughout the day I'm just drinking plain bottled water.) Anyways, I've never been to NYC but it is somewhere that I would love to go to one day!


      1. Omg yes, I always ask for water! Water with lemon is me spicing it up haha. NYC is my absolute favourite city I've visited, you definitely need to go!

    3. I SO want to go to Paris. It's been on my to-go places since forever. In addition to that, a backpack trip of whole Europe would be so nice.

      Noor | Noor's Place

      1. Totally get what you mean Noor! As much as I want to go to anywhere in Europe, Paris will always have a place in my heart since that's the number one place I've always wanted to visit. Backpacking through Europe sounds incredible but tbh, I would probably get tired easily hahaha

    4. I enjoyed reading this. The collaborations sound like fun. I've purchased from the Olivia Palermo collaboration. I used to be so obsessed with accessories. I have about 100pcs and an now clearing out about 2/3.
      Also LOVE Paris. I have an annual euro trip planned. :)

      I also do blog posts on those days but I'm spending all week moving to a place more permanent and unpacking about 50 boxes this week, reorganizing and purging so I'm taking a break. So glad you answered the questions! It's nice learning more about you.

      1. I'm planning on purchasing from Olivia's collaboration soon! I'm so excited. I'm literally using all my store credit and vault points because it's a bit expensive compared to their other stuff! I'm an accessories person too. I usually purge on a certain kind of item each year...right now it's hats ahah.

        I keep saying I love Paris even though I haven't been there but I'm POSITIVE I'd love it so much.

        Totally understandable. Gotta focus on the move! Blogging will always be there anyways. Thanks again for nominating me Miki! :)

    5. I'm looking into upgrading my camera, too. And yeah, it gets to be such a chore to lug a camera around, but I suppose you have to sacrifice a little bit for your craft, right? That's what I tell myself when my camera is killing me, but I don't want to compromise with a little point and shoot.

      Also, so awesome that you got to hang out with Bailee Madison!

      1. What camera do you use currently? I love Nikon and Canon but I'm a Nikon user. Ah, it gets so heavy to lug it around but it's worth it when you're really into it! Bailee is the sweetest person. I still love watching her in her old movies like Just Go With It.

    6. Paris is awesome! I'm so lucky that I only live about 3 hours away. I should visit more often! You are from America right? I really want to visit the states sometime, but flights are so expensive :(
      Autumn is my favourite season too, I can't wait for September to come around again.

      Love, Eline |

      1. I'm from Canada! I would love to visit Europe as soon as I save enough money too. I'm excited for autumn already but I am tired of wearing all my winter gear this year so it'll be great once it warms up more :)

    7. I've only been to NYC once in my life, but I loved it so much. I'm hoping one day soon I can return and stay even longer than I did last time.

      1. That's exactly how I feel! There's so much to explore and I only went to Manhattan. Would love to visit Dumbo in Brooklyn the most.

    8. Great liebster award answers! I love instagram and pinterest for daily inspiration too :)

      1. Thanks Kathleen! What are your favourite Instagram and Pinterest accounts you follow? I would love to check to them out!


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