Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

Thursday, January 28, 2016
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd make another gift guide post because people enjoyed my Christmas ones! If you're buying a Valentine's gift for someone, you probably have a close relationship with them (I mean, most people who do celebrate Valentine's Day are couples or close friends). For some reason, I always find Valentine's Day gifts much harder to shop for than any other occassion. Personally, for Valentine's Day, I like to make gifts very personable, meaningful and intimate (I don't necessarily mean in a sexy way haha), more so than for any other occasion. I decided to pick out 5 gifts for her for this post and (hopefully) next Monday's post, the gift guide for men will be up!

1) Perfume

  • Perfume is such a personal thing to shop for. Everyone has a different taste so this gift may be either really easy to shop for or really difficult. For me, my absolute FAVOURITE perfume is actually from a place you wouldn't expect--it's Fossil's 1954 fragrance. Not a lot of people associate Fossil with fragrance since they are known for their watches. The scent is absolutely incredible and you should definitely check it out. I think it's a scene that everyone would love! If it isn't your taste, definitely check out Sephora for their roller balls and travel sizes for more scents.
  • 2) Personalized Relaxation Kit

  • I'm sure all females (and even males) would love this idea. Relaxing and forgetting about all your troubles for a bit is just the best kind of stress relief. I'm all about retail therapy but if I had a larger bath tub, you bet I would be using all the Lush bath bombs I could possibly get. What's great about this is that you can personalize it to your significant other's/friend's taste. Include her favourite products like her favourite bath bomb, a scented candle, candy or even get her a new book to go along with this. You can easily purchase a basket at Michaels as well to put everything in. Cost-saving tip: Michael's has weekly coupons online where you can get 40% or 50% off one regular priced item. It changes each week but there's always one where it's either 40% or 50% off. Finally, below are a few items I would include if I were gifting this to someone!
  • 3) Monogram Jewelry/Pandora Charm

  • No matter what occasion it is, I always want to receive a monogram necklace; it's seriously been on my wishlist for so long. Specifically, I love this one from Bauble Bar. I love the ribbon letter detailing versus getting your full name. I think this kind of personalized necklace makes it very elegant and also it great to wear everyday. Bauble Bar actually has a personalized section on their website that offers a variety of choices from necklaces to bracelets and more. I personally love their company and they also have amazing customer service so if anything goes wrong, their SWAT team will be more than happy to help. (This totally sounds sponsored but I actually just genuinely love the company).
  • Another idea for jewelry is to get a Pandora charm if your significant other owns a Pandora bracelet (or even get a bracelet with a charm!). Pandora has a massive collection of charms with a variety of colours. The best part about it is how you can buy charms that have a certain meaning. They also always have a Valentine's Day collection you can shop through. My favourites from this year's collection are: Filled with Romance, Wild Hearts and Love is Forever
  • 4) Spa or Mani/Pedi Package

  • This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the personalized relaxation kit. There's just something about getting a manicure and pedicure that's so refreshing. Every girl would love to distress by getting a mani/pedi or having a day at the spa. Spa days are perfect because you really get to forget about the outside world and can focus on relaxing. A lot of spas also offer couples massages and packages so you could make it a date if you'd like!
  • 5) Romantic Night In/Out

  • Probably a classic idea but a night in or a night out is always a great idea. You don't necessarily have to buy something for a gift, instead you can do something new and go for a classy candle lit dinner afterwards. There are so many activities you could consider like going for paint night,trying a new restaurant out or even going to where you had your first date. Either way, making memories will last longer so if you can't afford to spend money on a gift, remember you can easily create memories with that special someone.
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    Leave a comment below what your plans are for Valentine's or what you favourite thing about Valentine's is!

    3 comments on "Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her"
    1. I could really go for number 4! I love a nice massage and mani/pedi. Maybe even a facial. Great options.

      1. Definitely! Always a good idea of rejuvenate :) Thanks DeAndrea xo

    2. I'm all about the spa. You can never go wrong. My husband and I used to go regularly. Facials are great too, especially when you have hormonal breakouts like I do.


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