Top 5 Tech Accessories for the Holidays

Thursday, December 3, 2015
I feel so dumb for not including this in my holiday gift guide, especially since I either ask or buy tech accessories for people often for Christmas! There are so many things that I find extremely useful that some people don't even know exist so I thought I'd gather my top 5 tech accessories you can think of gifting for someone or asking it for yourself for the holidays (or any other time of the year). Like always, click the photo to redirect you to the original website!

1) Portable USB Charger ($10)

  • My phone life completely changed after buying myself a portable charger. I knew I didn't want a phone case that charged at the time I bought my phone because I was getting a new phone the following year and didn't want to risk the size of the iPhone changing (which it did) so I avoided purchasing one. I opted for a portable USB charger and it's been great. It helps since I'm at school all day and sometimes can't charge my phone in some classes. It's been one of the greatest and most useful investments I've made and it was REALLY INEXPENSIVE. There's so many portable USB chargers out there that are decorative like at Urban Outfitters but I don't think it's worth how much more it is at the end. The only I'm showing below is the one I purchased from Micro Center and it's lasted much longer than what I've seen on the reviews of other websites.
  • 2) Mophie Juice Pack ($80+)

  • Not everyone is a fan of a portable USB charger; the cables are long and purchasing a shorter one purely for your charger seems like a waste. Although I'm not 100% a fan of having a charging case, I do think it's worth it if you buy one in the beginning of your phone contract. From experience, I'm not one of those people who continually get a new phone whenever the latest gadget comes out. I always stick to my current phone until the contract ends and if I ever broke it, I'd be using one of my old ones. So I think if the person you gift this to is someone who doesn't change their phone often, then it's a perfect gift! It's pretty expensive so I wouldn't invest in it unless you're positive about making the most out of it! (There's a variety of colours as well, my personal favourite is the gold one though)
  • 3) Music Branches ($12)

  • One of the most common thing I remember in high school (and even now) are people sharing earphones. I always hated that because I'd accidentally rip out the earphones from someone else's ear or it was a hassle for people to take turns watching whatever was on the phone/iPod since only two people could watch at a time. This music branches headphone splitter from Urban Outfitters is perfect to eliminate all those things! It lets up to 3 people use their own pair of earphones. Definitely a great stocking stuffer!
  • 4) Phone Cases

  • For some reason, I'm pretty bad with phone cases. At one point during the three years I had my previous iPhone, I was upset how I had 5 phone cases and was only using one at a time but by the end of it, I ended up breaking all of them; a phone case to me is always a great gift! For tech accessories, I always prefer to get practical things but I also enjoy the occasional, purely decorative accessory. Below, I decided to show two phone cases.
  • The first one is a wallet case from Otterbox: I love this kind of phone case because I always need my student card and transit pass and since I have my phone on me all the time, it's easier to get to versus constantly going into my bag to get my wallet.
  • The second is an online exclusive from Urban Outfitters. If you know who The Blonde Salad/Chiara Ferragni is, you'd know what this case is! Usually Urban Outfitters says if the product is another brands so I'm not sure if this one is from Chiara's collection or not! I've seen it on sale for the same price which makes me unsure if this could be the real thing or not! Either way, it's much cheaper than Chiara's (sold for around $60) and it's insanely adorable! So take super cute photos with this case or get it for someone who loves taking mirror pictures haha. Unfortunately, they only have it available for iPhone 6/6s users.
  • 5) Record Player

  • For all you music lovers, an old fashioned record player is perfect. I always hear that listening to vinyls is much better so if you or someone you know loves music like no tomorrow then consider getting them a record player! It's definitely more on the expensive side but I've been told so much or have seen enough videos on it that I'm positive any music lover will love this gift.
  • Note: Although the photos of anything related to mobile devices are of Apple's iPhones, these kinds of gifts are applicable to any mobile device of course!

    Finally, hope this tech accessories holiday guide was helpful and you found some great stocking stuffers/gifts this season! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite tech accessory is or what you plan on getting someone for the holiday season.

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    1. So handy as I'm gong traveling in a week.

      Jabeen x

      1. That makes me so happy to hear! Safe travels Jabeen :)

    2. Great picks, Adrienne! I especially love the music branch. I also remember sharing headphones with my friends so they could hear the latest song I was obsessing over. This would have definitely come in handy back then!

      - Maya at

      1. Right?! I wish I knew back then! It would've been so helpful.

    3. great ideas, the record player is so cute!

      danielle | avec danielle


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