Snervous Fan Event

Monday, December 14, 2015
It's almost impossible to get high quality photos during the school year, especially when you have other commitments and classes at different hours of the day. Excuses aside, I am VERY happy to be finally posting an OOTD post. The weather has been off practically everywhere around the world so for us Torontonians, it's much warmer this time around than it has ever been. Usually by this time, I'm all bundled up in my warmest clothes and layering almost everything I can possible can but this season it's like the perfect fall weather all the time.

This past weekend, I attended Tyler Oakley's Snervous Fan Event in Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the time. I mean, I love Tyler's videos and his personality but I wasn't sure of what I would expect for the documentary. It was definitely an eye-opener into more aspects of his life. I especially loved the scenes back in his hometown and how he reflected on his journey the past 8 years. I couldn't help but smile, laugh or get emotional during the entire movie. Since it was the fan event, Tyler showed up before the movie and talked to the audience for a bit which was great considering he hasn't been to Toronto since the beginning of his Youtube career. Even though there was no meet and greet, it was such a joy to see him in person and see that he's the exact same person he is on the Internet. Does anyone else get a bit scared that their favourite Internet person isn't like how to make themselves out to be?

As for my outfit, it wasn't a chilly day in Toronto so I thought a few layers instead of a light coat would be better. I was very happy to finally wear this outfit (I've been planning on it for months, does anyone else do that?). I felt like a walking Inditex ad but I was totally cool with it because I love the brands they have! My career goal is to work at Inditex; maybe not permanently but definitely have the experience of working at one of their offices! Back to the outfit, I was so happy to wear my waistcoat from Stradivarius over my faux leather jacket. I seriously love the look of waistcoats and how they can completely transform your outfit (I've probably said that before but it's a fact in my mind!). Lastly, I wore comfy shoes from Bershka since I was talking around Toronto most of the day.

Outfit Details
  • Top - H&M (similar)
  • Pants - Bluenotes
  • Jacket - Zara
  • Waistcoat - Stradivarius
  • Shoes - Bershka
  • Bag - Rudsak
  • Earcuff - Forever21 (similar)
  • Leave a comment down below about what your career goal is!

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