Holiday Footwear 2015 (under $100)

Monday, December 7, 2015
I was never really a shoe lover but the past 6 months, I've become totally obsessed and realized why so many people love shoes! Shoes can honestly make or break an outfit, so this post is all about footwear you can wear for the holidays that won't kill your feet. I'm definitely not a heels person so here are my top 10 alternatives to wear for the holidays that provide both glam and comfort! They're also all under $100 which is an added bonus :)

1) ASOS Lisbon Ballet Flats

  • I'm totally obsessed with these flats. They're perfect if you want to have sparkly shoes but not overbearing with it. I own these myself and they're comfy as well! I absolutely love them and think they're my favourite pair of flats to wear during the holidays.
  • 2) Zara Soft Flat Boots

  • Over the knee boots are one of the top trends going on right now in footwear. If you don't know that, then where have you been? They're EVERYTHING. A majority of celebrities wear the Stuart Weitzman one's which I agree are gorgeous but they're way too expensive for a pair of shoes. I love these ones from Zara and that it doesn't really have a heel so it's easy to walk in but still adds that glam look.
  • 3) ASOS Leyton Embellished Pointed Flats

  • If you don't already know, I'm a lover for embellishments! What I love about these pairs of shoes is that the embellishment is uniform. It follows a pattern. As much as I love the scattered look as well, the embellished pattern gives off a cleaner vibe in my opinion!
  • 4) ASOS Hemisphere Co-ord Heeled Sandals

  • Like I mentioned in the beginning, I'm not a heels person at all! I'll only wear heels if they have a chunky platform which is why I love these heeled sandals. I love how the sparkles are not all one colour but it's a subtle mix of green and blue sparkles; the added embellished is also a bonus! ASOS has these shoes in a silver tone as well if you're not into the colourful sparkles.
  • 5) Zara High Heel Velvet Ankle Booties

  • Velvet is becoming/already a trend! Every store is coming out with increasingly more velvet options. My personal favourite are velvet booties. When I think of velvet, I usually associate it with red or black so I love this grey pair and how the velvet adds more texture to it.
  • 6) ASOS Lavish Embellished Ballet Flats

  • Rose gold is such a trend - iPhones, jewellery, etc. It was only a matter of time before rose gold entered the shoe world. I've had my eye on this pair for a while but haven't bought it yet! I love the pointed toe and the embellishment; it makes it easier to dress up your holiday outfit.
  • 7) Aldo Umalen

  • I mentioned in my Fall Favourites 2015 post that I loved the decorative heel "trend" that I've been seeing so I automatically was attracted to this pair when I saw it on the website. I've usually seen black booties with a decorative heel so seeing this bone coloured one looked so chic to me!
  • 8) ASOS Astronomical Pointed Ankle Boots

  • For the last pair of ankle booties, I decided to choose something that is more casual but still has some glam with the metallic colour. I love how these aren't dramatic and in your face but make a statement still.
  • 9) Aldo Zerah

  • Do these remind you of Valentino's Rockstud Ballerina flats? They definitely are inspired by them! I love that it's not an exact replica of it but they added more straps to it to make it their own. I know flattery is the best kind of compliment but making replicas aren't my favourite. I'd rather take inspiration from it and put my own twist on it.
  • 10) Aldo Onara

  • The last pair of flats for this post is the most casual in my opinion. Although it's embellished, it's not overdone or would be a statement piece in your outfit. If anything, it'll add dimension to your outfit instead of wearing plain shoes. I also love how the heel is silver-plated!
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