STYLE STEAL: Dior's Reflected Sunglasses

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Dior has been killing it at the sunglasses game. I absolutely love their reflective sunglasses but they are WAY too expensive. I don't think I would invest that much money into a pair of sunglasses even if I was able to afford it. I'm totally okay with sticking with my $10-15 kind of sunglasses. Dior's eyewear collection was released and they're gorgeous but since most of us aren't lucky enough to be able to purchase a pair, I found pretty much the exact same thing at M for Mendocino! M for Mendocino is a Toronto brand but because they have a variety of brands, these pairs that look identical to the "Reflected" Sunglasses could be a different brand. For all you Canadians, definitely check out M for Mendocino if you're looking for a pair of these kinds of sunglasses! They're $18 so compared to the $600 pair at Dior, this is definitely a steal! I purchased the silver pair but when I went to the store, they also had a gold pair.

Hope you enjoy this find! I had to post something about it considering it was the most identical and affordable pair of sunglasses to Dior's! I also have a post on the ever so popular, "So Real" sunglasses. Check it out here if you'd like to read it!

What's your favourite kind of sunglasses shape? Let me know in the comments below and where you like to buy your sunglasses.


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