Holiday Gift Guide (under $50)

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Tis the season! Christmas is my favourite holiday to celebrate and I absolutely love buying gifts but being a student and working part-time only, it gets pretty difficult finding great and thoughtful gifts but also affordable ones. I originally was going to write a post with no limit but then I thought, most people are probably like me, struggling finding amazing gifts without hurting their bank account too much; it's always hard when you want to purchase multiple gifts for that special someone but not being able to afford it. So, alongside to showing what is out there and affordable in stores, I thought this gift guide could also encompass another important thing: some tips on how to save money. Click the image if you want to be redirected to the original website!

1) Storage - Makeup, Jewelry, Accessories, etc.

  • I don't know about you but I'm one of those people who has a lot of jewelry and knows that I need a better way of storing things but can't seem to bring myself to invest in a good storage unit for my stuff. Also, I can never seem to justify a $30 purchase on a cosmetics bag, even if I need one. I think buying something for people to store their stuff will end up paying off because they will be able to get so much use out of it. There's been a lot of favourites I've come across recently so here are a few:
  • 2) Makeup: Value Sets

  • Even if you have to go inexpensive for Christmas gifts, it doesn't mean you can't find something they'll love, even if it's small. There are so many value sets/deals that you can get during the holiday season. Sephora is always great for value sets if you wanted high end brands but I know I wouldn't mind receiving a bunch of NYX or drugstore products either. I'm hardly at Sephora to purchase items because of the price but I also wait until there's a sale at the drugstore for products as well. Getting a few little things like that will pay off in the long run, especially if the person you're buying a gift for is interested in makeup!
  • 3) Gift Sets: Body Products/Relaxation

  • Honestly, I'm not much of a Bath and Body Works (B&BW) person nor do I ever take baths so Lush products are not something I would get any use of but I would be lying if I said I didn't like all the scents at B&BW or looking at the pictures that Lush bath bombs make. Body products like these can become pricey because for some products, they're one-use (like bath bombs). I always appreciate gifts but I could safely say that getting small items like B&BW body wash and lotion, something you wouldn't normally have a justified reason for purchasing it is always my favourite kinds of gifts.
  • 4) Winter Apparel

  • If you're someone who lives in a cold climate like I do then winter apparel is probably something you need to keep warm. I remember not bothering on investing in a hat or earmuffs for the longest time (I actually only started wearing a winter hat this year). For me, even though I needed to keep warm, winter apparel is always expensive for good quality items so if someone is like me and too stubborn to purchase winter apparel like a simple hat or scarf, they will definitely thank you! ALSO, Express has more affordable winter apparel that's currently on sale. I just put Roots Canada because I love that brand and would 100% recommend it.
  • 5) Polaroid Film

  • Good ol' polaroids! I remember using my Instax 7s in high school and hating it when I have to buy more film. Since there's only 10 and you usually get a box of 2 packs, 20 images can go buy really fast. I love all the new kinds of films that have come out at Urban Outfitters recently! They're not the typical white bordered polaroid but it's more modern and fun. I'll always love the classic but you can never go wrong with buying polaroid film with someone who has an Instax camera.
  • 6) Prepaid Credit Cards

  • There's always that person where you really don't know what to get them. I know cash and gift cards are always great but I personally would recommend prepaid credit cards, especially for teenagers. I know when I was a teenager (that's so weird to say!), I never knew about prepaid credit cards so even though for most of high school I couldn't order anything online, which I wanted to do for the longest time, I would've loved receiving a prepaid credit card! Even though cash and the prepaid credit card could have the same value, some people don't know of their existence so giving the ability to order online for teenagers is a great option! Visa and Mastercard both provide prepaid credit cards with different denominations.

  • 1) Don't forget about Cyber Monday! Sometimes it's even better than Black Friday (or even the deals before Black Friday)
  • 2) Shop at places that allow you to combine coupons and store promotions (for instance Express does (when it's not a store wide promotion) this so I always end up saving a lot!)
  • 3) Always ask if they have free gift boxes
  • 4) Always ask for a gift receipt
  • 5) Don't forget to have fun!
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