Fall Favourites 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015
I feel so terrible for not being able to post since midterms have started! I'm still drowning in school work and midterms but since it's night (that I'm writing this) and I can no longer focus on studying, I thought I'd write a small post on my fall favourites of this year. There's always different trends that I look forward to for certain times of the year but I also discover so many other trends that I start to like. I don't think it's a necessity to follow trends but I do look at it for inspiration and then wear whatever I feel like whether it's in style or not. I like to think that my style has evolved over the years and looking at trends is definitely something I like to do to improve my style. Here are some of the few things I've discovered/have been loving this season:

  • I've always been a fan of big, chunky scarves because of their warmth. I remember wearing a bandana kind of scarf around my neck like a flight attendant in high school a couple of times but always felt limited to the clothing items I can wear with it. After seeing skinny scarves on the runway and different bloggers and celebrities wear it, it has changed my mind and definitely seems like a versatile piece.
  • Shop some of my favourite skinny scarves here:

  • Even though I don't tend to wear apparel with slits in it, I still love it. My favourite so far are side slit sweaters because it doesn't make you look drowned in layers but also keeps the functionality of being warm. I love how with side slit sweaters, you can play around with the look you want to achieve. You're able to show off some skin if you wanted or even emphasize the detailing on your bottoms (ex. embellished belts).
  • Shop some of my favourite side slit sweaters here:

  • I am totally for the faux fur vest trend but what I've noticed this year (compared to last), are two-toned faux fur vest or even just multi-coloured fur vests (like this one). I personally think that two-toned faux fur vests are beautiful and makes it become a statement piece in your outfit.
  • Shop my current faux fur vest picks:

  • I haven't noticed this particular item on a lot of people but it's something I've noticed become increasingly popular among stores. I absolutely love how having an embellished or different colour plated heel can transform the shoe and make it totally chic; it's also a subtle but show-stopping way statement item. There are so many boots out there that practically all look identical so make a statement with your shoes by having a decorated heel. Embellishments or gold-plated heels will definitely make people take a second look!
  • Shop these gorgeous shoes below:

    Comment down below what your favourite fall trends were this year! I would love to learn what fashion items you've been loving this season

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