Style Muse: Kiernan Shipka

Monday, October 12, 2015
To be completely honest, I had no idea who Kiernan Shipka was. Recently, she's been constantly showing up on my Twitter timeline and in the cutest outfits. From TIFF to fashion week, whoever is styling this girl (whether it be herself or a stylist) is doing a great job at it. There's a few red carpet looks I've seen of her that has totally been making her my most recent style muse. If you don't know, Kiernan is a 15 year old actress who is most known for "Mad Men". The first two style muse posts I did only had 3 looks but I've been so inspired by Kiernan's looks that I had to do a couple of more. (I totally would do more as well!) I mean, look at how cute she is! I found some items to recreate her looks. I hope you love her looks as much as I do. I totally grabbed so much fashion inspiration from her outfits so don't be surprised if you see me wearing some of these inspired looks as well. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite look of hers was or who your style muse is :)


Outfit 1:
  • I remember in high school, I used to wear triangle scarves all the time! It definitely was one of my favourite kinds of scarves until I started wearing infinity scarves. I grew out of it and never really thought of wearing it like I used to (unless it was a huge blanket scarf like the LV one Chiara wore that I showed in this post). Once I saw how Kiernan's outfit was put together, it totally inspired me to possibly start wearing them again. I love how the details of the scarf match her bag; it puts the entire look together and I love how it's such a subtle detail but makes such a difference.
  • Outfit Details
  • Dress - H&M
  • Scarf - H&M
  • Shoes - Forever21
  • Bag - Call it Spring
  • Outfit 2:
  • You can never go wrong with a thin sweatshirt and floral skirt. I love how floral is usually associated with spring and summer fashion but adding fall pieces like the ankle booties and a darker sweatshirt makes it more of a floral fall time kind of look. The bow necklace is an added touch that makes the look super adorable!
  • Outfit Details
  • Top - H&M
  • Skirt - Forever21
  • Shoes - H&M
  • Necklace - Forever21
  • Outfit 3:
  • This is probably one of my top favourite outfits of her. I love the patterned skirt and how her purse again matches the details of it.
  • Outfit Details
  • Top - ASOS
  • Skirt - Zara
  • Bag - ASOS
  • Shoes- ASOS
  • Outfit 4:
  • When I first saw this outfit, it immediately reminded me of a playsuit I wanted from New Look. Unfortunately, it was from last year so sometimes ASOS comes back in stock with it but it's pretty rare; if you are able to snag this piece, the sale price is AMAZING. I linked an alternative to the playsuit as well since it's not guaranteed that the playsuit will go back in stock.
  • Outfit Details
  • Playsuit - New Look (via ASOS) (alternative)
  • Shoes - ASOS
  • Outfit 5:
  • This outfit is perfection. Pure perfection. I love this ensemble so much. I'm pretty sure there's some leather detailing on the skirt which I'm totally for. Although I love leather apparel, leather skirts aren't something I would want to wear all the time. I love a leather trimming much more than a pure leather top or bottom.
  • Outfit Details
  • Top - New Look
  • Skirt - Forever21
  • Bag -Forever21 (alternative, alternative)
  • Shoes - Forever21
  • Disclaimer: Photographs of Kiernan have been taken from GettyImages
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