SS16 Looks for Fall: NYFW Edition

Thursday, September 24, 2015
As much as I love fashion, fashion month is very overwhelming even when you're not attending any shows! There's so many shows that go on every day and new collections that are constantly talked about - it's very hard to keep track of it all. For the past couple of years, I always loved seeing what trends will be in the upcoming seasons and recently I thought, why wait to wear these trends? I never was the type of person who had to get whatever was in style but I definitely wasn't opposed to trying out new trends. For this post, I decided to take 1-2 runway looks from 7 designers at NYFW and make an inspired fall look or if I felt like it already had a fall vibe to it, I recreated it. Since I am in full-time student in university (and working part-time), I only created 8 looks because there were so many designers at NYFW, it would take a lot more time to make a look for every single one of them. I chose 7 designers that I was familiar with and also felt that each of these shows were very unique from each other. Since everything is designer, some alternative items were hard to find at an affordable price but I've provided a lot of options in replace of those! Hopefully for another fashion week, I will show inspired looks from new designers that I haven't even heard of.

Tommy Hilfiger

  • This entire show had a very Cape Town atmosphere to it because of all the bright colours in a striped pattern. It definitely reminded me of the Cape Town inspired jewelry from the ale by Alessandra collection at BaubleBar that was released earlier in the year! I totally loved the bomber look but the way it was paired at the Tommy Hilfiger show was not something I'd wear. I decided to give it a more casual look by pairing the bomber jacket with a plain light blue tee, casual pair of white jeans and added a statement necklace to top it off.
  • Zac Posen

  • I found out about Zac Posen through his good friend and model, Coco Rocha. She's a huge supporter of his work and constantly seeing his work got me intrigued and I ended up falling in love with his designs. At SS16, he worked with Google's Made with Code to design a dress that had LED lights. I have an interest in programming but the work I've seen people do with it was not interesting enough to want to try to learn myself. After seeing programming applied to fashion, I was really excited to see the dress come to life at fashion week. Besides being amazed by the LED dress, I also loved the look below. I added two different skirt options; both of them are different in terms of material and shape but they give off a similar look from the Zac Posen collection.
  • LC Runway

  • When Lauren Conrad announced on Instagram about debuting her collection for Kohls at NYFW, I was ecstatic. I was looking forward to this show and was definitely not disappointed. I totally love Lauren Conrad's s tyle and her collections are always great. I also love how it's more affordable and accessible (compared to higher end brands) to the public! The faux fur vest is a perfect piece to have in your fall wardrobe. Pair it with a printed romper and it'll look just like the runway look in Lauren's collection for Kohls.
  • alice+olivia by Stacey Bendet

  • I adore alice+olivia so I ended up creating two looks from her collection because I could not get out of my head. I love how the entire collection was filled with different patterns, textures and statement pieces. For the first look, I thought it was great inspiration for fall because it had a couple of fall elements like the flared jeans and the colour palette. I added another jacket that I thought looked more similar to the alice + olivia one but it costs way more than the one I put in the photo. Click the picture (where the other items are listed) if you want a better look at the velvet jacket!
  • For the second look, I loved the black and white theme and the pattern mixing. I have yet to experiment with pattern mixing because I don't 100% love it. This look on the other hand, I love how it has different textures and patterns but similar colours so it still looked put together instead of having too much in one outfit.

    Rebecca Minkoff

  • For this look, I decided to make the vest the statement piece. Since it was against a white self-tie bow top, I decided that this Forever21 top, it would definitely stand out. Although the vest is definitely similar as Rebecca Minkoff's design, I thought it would be a great touch to have instead of any black vest. I couldn't find a dress version of a self-tie bow top so I opted for the same pair of Zara shorts I mentioned in the alice+olivia look. Finally, instead of gladiator sandals, I thought over the knee boots would be perfect since it is fall!
  • Rachel Zoe

  • I personally thought that this look screamed fall more so than Spring/Summer, so why not wear it this season? Suede is practically everywhere for fall! Instead of a suede fringe jacket, I thought a vest would be better so it shows off the pattern of the tile print maxi dress. Sandals would definitely not keep you warm during the fall so add these green boots for a bit more warmth.
  • Givenchy

  • Givenchy decided to have their show in New York instead of Paris this season. There were many elegant looks that were easy to wear like blazers and tuxedos. For this look, it's an all-black outfit with satin and lace details to give dimension between the two black pieces.
  • Disclaimer: Photographs are taken from the official NYFW website or from
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