Autumn Must-Haves

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. A new season usually means new fashion trends to look forward to but there are items that never go out of style for each season. I've listed and showed my top 10 fall must-haves.

1) Utility Jacket

  • This is probably an obvious one but a utility jacket is the classic fall jacket you'll see almost every person wearing. It's great for a casual day. If you want to get a jacket that's a bit different than everyone else's, you should look at the crochet paneled utility jacket from Forever21 that I've listed below!

  • 2) Scarves

  • I've always had a love for scarves. In high school I wore a uniform so the way I'd make it my own would be to always wear a different scarf (even though I did get in trouble a few times). As much as I love infinity scarves, you can't play around with it as much as a rectangular or triangular scarf. I find accessories so important when putting together an outfit because they can easily make your outfit look even better or fancier; to me, it pretty much completes the outfit, even if they're just tiny studded earrings. Since I wear a lot of scarves in the fall, I like to wear them different ways so branch out of the regular infinity scarves that everyone wears and try tying your scarf in different ways.

  • 3) Jeans

  • Again, this is another obvious choice for fall. I don't even think I need to explain why jeans are a must. I remember always hating to wear jeans as a kid because the material would rub behind my knee and it would be the most uncomfortable thing in the world. As a tip, look for jeans made out of cotton, elastane, lycra and spandex. I usually purchase my jeans from American Eagle or Hollister - the fit, material, quality and price are great.

  • 4) Cozy Sweaters

  • I practically live in sweaters for most of the year since Toronto is cold from October to April. I never really thought sweaters were so versatile until I started experimenting a lot last year. I usually would have a bunch of thermal layers underneath and out the door I went. Add collared dress shirt underneath a crew neck sweater and a statement necklace and you'll have an easy outfit you can put together. It's basically a formula I use whenever I need a go-to outfit. I don't know about anyone else but I tend to get cold on my neck a lot so turtlenecks are one of my favourites and they have been such a hit in the past year so you can probably find a lot of different versions of them.

  • 5) Trench Coat

  • Trench coats are a timeless piece that you'll definitely want to invest in. I think it's the perfect casual yet fancy coat that can transition into practically all seasons (except winter if you live in a cold climate like I do).

  • 6) (Faux) Leather Jacket

  • A lot of people wear leather jackets to make a look more "edgy" but I think moto jackets tend to give off that feel more than all kinds of leather jackets. Personally, I love leather jackets that have some sort of belt so it accentuates your curves/shows off your figure; this way, it adds a more feminine touch.

  • 7) Wool Hats

  • Floppy hats aren't just for summer! They're a great transition piece into fall. You can never go wrong with transition items; it makes it 10x easier when you're going from your summer to fall wardrobe. I definitely recommend going to H&M for wool hats because they're affordable and it's not one-size! I used to never wear hats because none of them would ever fit me properly so big thanks to H&M for making me fall in love with wool hats.

  • 8) Sleeveless Jacket/Duster Jacket

  • These are my absolute favourite pieces at the moment. I currently only own one sleeveless jacket but I plan on investing in more because I think they're a timeless piece. It's really hard to find affordable sleeveless jackets in store (or at least it has been a struggle in Toronto) but I definitely recommend sifting through the racks at Winners (which is where I got mine) and to check out New Look. Like I said in one of my first posts, sleeveless jackets are super versatile and can be worn casual or dressed up. I think it's perfect for fall because it's added warmth without needing to always have a heavy coat. Wear a long-sleeve turtleneck, a sleeveless jacket on top and jeans and you have yourself a perfect fall outfit! Check out how I styled out my sleeveless blazer here!

  • 9) Ankle Booties

  • There's probably no matter time to wear ankle booties than in fall! It's another obvious choice so I won't explain why but for this season, look out for fringe detailing on ankle booties (but I'll probably stick with the classic ankle booties I've shown you below)!

  • 10) Suede

  • I'm really loving the suede trend. I'm used to wearing suede boots or jackets but retailers have been coming out with really nice suede apparel. It's a great addition to your fall wardrobe because it adds texture to your outfit! A lot of retailers have sell a suede-like material as well if you don't wear real suede

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