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Saturday, August 29, 2015
Going back to school can be exciting and dreadful at the same time. On one hand, you're excited to see everyone again and catch up but also don't want to get back into a school rountine. On top of that, many people like to go back to school and try the whole "new year, new me". I went to a high school that wore uniforms so I never worried about my "first day at school" outfit and now that I'm in university, I don't worry about my outfits so much mainly because you don't see the same people every day like in high school or elementary school. For everyone who are lucky enough not to wear a uniform, here are some back to school looks that should follow the dress code for most schools! If you do wear a uniform, hopefully this will inspire you when you have dress-down days.
Back to School Boho Vibe

Outfit 1: 70's Inspired Boho
  • I love this look for the summer to fall transtition. Suede has been so popular and is also perfect for the fall season. Depending on your dress code policy, you can throw on this cardigan if you can't throw your shoulders or if you're just cold.
  • Metallic Statement

    Outfit 2: Metallic Statement
  • All-white outfits are definitely in trend and what I love about it is how you can easily make something the statement piece of your outfit. The metallic slip on's are perfect for school because of the comfort and they're not an overbearing statement piece. Any white graphic tee would give off the same effect so if your dress code policy doesn't allow absolutely anything sleeveless, then just wear a short sleeve tee instead! To top off the entire look, I added a necklace that has a gold chain so it matches the shoes. Little details like that can make a look more put together.
  • Back to School - First Day Comfort

    Outfit 3: Comfort
  • Whenever I don't know what to wear, I usually opt for a plaid shirt and pants. To make it look like you put a bit more effort in, add a faux fur vest (or a real one if you're into that). If you feel like a fur vest is too much for school, you can add a necklace. Adding accessories can easily spice up an outfit!
  • Flowy Floral

    Outfit 4: Flowy Floral
  • Flowy dresses are my favourite. It's perfect for back to school because it's not tight fitting but it accentuates the perfect parts of your body when you add a belt like in the photograph. Since the dress is very flowy and long-sleeved, it's great to wear at school because the temperatures of classrooms vary and this way, you won't be too hot or too cold because you're covered by the long sleeve dress and since the material is thin, it won't be too hot for you.
  • Off Duty Model Inspired

    Outfit 5: Off Duty Model Inspired
  • This outfit reminds me of something that Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid would wear. Off Duty Street Style always look so comfy and comfy is usually the way to go for back to school! If you noticed, all the shoes I chose for these outfits are flats. I personally think that wearing sneakers and flats are the best way to go when you're at school. My school's campus is huge and sometimes it'll take 15 minutes to get to my next class and I'll only have 10 minutes to get there. So wearing anything super fancy for shoes is definitely out of the question whenever I get ready in the morning. These Adidas Originals are perfect because of the comfort factor and how versatile they can be. It's one of those shoes you can wear every day because of the neutral colours.
  • Polyvore is such a great app to curate your own outfits and also find inspiration so click below to follow me if you'd like!

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