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Snervous Fan Event

Monday, December 14, 2015
It's almost impossible to get high quality photos during the school year, especially when you have other commitments and classes at different hours of the day. Excuses aside, I am VERY happy to be finally posting an OOTD post. The weather has been off practically everywhere around the world so for us Torontonians, it's much warmer this time around than it has ever been. Usually by this time, I'm all bundled up in my warmest clothes and layering almost everything I can possible can but this season it's like the perfect fall weather all the time.

This past weekend, I attended Tyler Oakley's Snervous Fan Event in Toronto. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the time. I mean, I love Tyler's videos and his personality but I wasn't sure of what I would expect for the documentary. It was definitely an eye-opener into more aspects of his life. I especially loved the scenes back in his hometown and how he reflected on his journey the past 8 years. I couldn't help but smile, laugh or get emotional during the entire movie. Since it was the fan event, Tyler showed up before the movie and talked to the audience for a bit which was great considering he hasn't been to Toronto since the beginning of his Youtube career. Even though there was no meet and greet, it was such a joy to see him in person and see that he's the exact same person he is on the Internet. Does anyone else get a bit scared that their favourite Internet person isn't like how to make themselves out to be?

As for my outfit, it wasn't a chilly day in Toronto so I thought a few layers instead of a light coat would be better. I was very happy to finally wear this outfit (I've been planning on it for months, does anyone else do that?). I felt like a walking Inditex ad but I was totally cool with it because I love the brands they have! My career goal is to work at Inditex; maybe not permanently but definitely have the experience of working at one of their offices! Back to the outfit, I was so happy to wear my waistcoat from Stradivarius over my faux leather jacket. I seriously love the look of waistcoats and how they can completely transform your outfit (I've probably said that before but it's a fact in my mind!). Lastly, I wore comfy shoes from Bershka since I was talking around Toronto most of the day.

Outfit Details
  • Top - H&M (similar)
  • Pants - Bluenotes
  • Jacket - Zara
  • Waistcoat - Stradivarius
  • Shoes - Bershka
  • Bag - Rudsak
  • Earcuff - Forever21 (similar)
  • Leave a comment down below about what your career goal is!

    Holiday Footwear 2015 (under $100)

    Monday, December 7, 2015
    I was never really a shoe lover but the past 6 months, I've become totally obsessed and realized why so many people love shoes! Shoes can honestly make or break an outfit, so this post is all about footwear you can wear for the holidays that won't kill your feet. I'm definitely not a heels person so here are my top 10 alternatives to wear for the holidays that provide both glam and comfort! They're also all under $100 which is an added bonus :)

    1) ASOS Lisbon Ballet Flats

  • I'm totally obsessed with these flats. They're perfect if you want to have sparkly shoes but not overbearing with it. I own these myself and they're comfy as well! I absolutely love them and think they're my favourite pair of flats to wear during the holidays.
  • 2) Zara Soft Flat Boots

  • Over the knee boots are one of the top trends going on right now in footwear. If you don't know that, then where have you been? They're EVERYTHING. A majority of celebrities wear the Stuart Weitzman one's which I agree are gorgeous but they're way too expensive for a pair of shoes. I love these ones from Zara and that it doesn't really have a heel so it's easy to walk in but still adds that glam look.
  • 3) ASOS Leyton Embellished Pointed Flats

  • If you don't already know, I'm a lover for embellishments! What I love about these pairs of shoes is that the embellishment is uniform. It follows a pattern. As much as I love the scattered look as well, the embellished pattern gives off a cleaner vibe in my opinion!
  • 4) ASOS Hemisphere Co-ord Heeled Sandals

  • Like I mentioned in the beginning, I'm not a heels person at all! I'll only wear heels if they have a chunky platform which is why I love these heeled sandals. I love how the sparkles are not all one colour but it's a subtle mix of green and blue sparkles; the added embellished is also a bonus! ASOS has these shoes in a silver tone as well if you're not into the colourful sparkles.
  • 5) Zara High Heel Velvet Ankle Booties

  • Velvet is becoming/already a trend! Every store is coming out with increasingly more velvet options. My personal favourite are velvet booties. When I think of velvet, I usually associate it with red or black so I love this grey pair and how the velvet adds more texture to it.
  • 6) ASOS Lavish Embellished Ballet Flats

  • Rose gold is such a trend - iPhones, jewellery, etc. It was only a matter of time before rose gold entered the shoe world. I've had my eye on this pair for a while but haven't bought it yet! I love the pointed toe and the embellishment; it makes it easier to dress up your holiday outfit.
  • 7) Aldo Umalen

  • I mentioned in my Fall Favourites 2015 post that I loved the decorative heel "trend" that I've been seeing so I automatically was attracted to this pair when I saw it on the website. I've usually seen black booties with a decorative heel so seeing this bone coloured one looked so chic to me!
  • 8) ASOS Astronomical Pointed Ankle Boots

  • For the last pair of ankle booties, I decided to choose something that is more casual but still has some glam with the metallic colour. I love how these aren't dramatic and in your face but make a statement still.
  • 9) Aldo Zerah

  • Do these remind you of Valentino's Rockstud Ballerina flats? They definitely are inspired by them! I love that it's not an exact replica of it but they added more straps to it to make it their own. I know flattery is the best kind of compliment but making replicas aren't my favourite. I'd rather take inspiration from it and put my own twist on it.
  • 10) Aldo Onara

  • The last pair of flats for this post is the most casual in my opinion. Although it's embellished, it's not overdone or would be a statement piece in your outfit. If anything, it'll add dimension to your outfit instead of wearing plain shoes. I also love how the heel is silver-plated!
  • Top 5 Tech Accessories for the Holidays

    Thursday, December 3, 2015
    I feel so dumb for not including this in my holiday gift guide, especially since I either ask or buy tech accessories for people often for Christmas! There are so many things that I find extremely useful that some people don't even know exist so I thought I'd gather my top 5 tech accessories you can think of gifting for someone or asking it for yourself for the holidays (or any other time of the year). Like always, click the photo to redirect you to the original website!

    1) Portable USB Charger ($10)

  • My phone life completely changed after buying myself a portable charger. I knew I didn't want a phone case that charged at the time I bought my phone because I was getting a new phone the following year and didn't want to risk the size of the iPhone changing (which it did) so I avoided purchasing one. I opted for a portable USB charger and it's been great. It helps since I'm at school all day and sometimes can't charge my phone in some classes. It's been one of the greatest and most useful investments I've made and it was REALLY INEXPENSIVE. There's so many portable USB chargers out there that are decorative like at Urban Outfitters but I don't think it's worth how much more it is at the end. The only I'm showing below is the one I purchased from Micro Center and it's lasted much longer than what I've seen on the reviews of other websites.
  • 2) Mophie Juice Pack ($80+)

  • Not everyone is a fan of a portable USB charger; the cables are long and purchasing a shorter one purely for your charger seems like a waste. Although I'm not 100% a fan of having a charging case, I do think it's worth it if you buy one in the beginning of your phone contract. From experience, I'm not one of those people who continually get a new phone whenever the latest gadget comes out. I always stick to my current phone until the contract ends and if I ever broke it, I'd be using one of my old ones. So I think if the person you gift this to is someone who doesn't change their phone often, then it's a perfect gift! It's pretty expensive so I wouldn't invest in it unless you're positive about making the most out of it! (There's a variety of colours as well, my personal favourite is the gold one though)
  • 3) Music Branches ($12)

  • One of the most common thing I remember in high school (and even now) are people sharing earphones. I always hated that because I'd accidentally rip out the earphones from someone else's ear or it was a hassle for people to take turns watching whatever was on the phone/iPod since only two people could watch at a time. This music branches headphone splitter from Urban Outfitters is perfect to eliminate all those things! It lets up to 3 people use their own pair of earphones. Definitely a great stocking stuffer!
  • 4) Phone Cases

  • For some reason, I'm pretty bad with phone cases. At one point during the three years I had my previous iPhone, I was upset how I had 5 phone cases and was only using one at a time but by the end of it, I ended up breaking all of them; a phone case to me is always a great gift! For tech accessories, I always prefer to get practical things but I also enjoy the occasional, purely decorative accessory. Below, I decided to show two phone cases.
  • The first one is a wallet case from Otterbox: I love this kind of phone case because I always need my student card and transit pass and since I have my phone on me all the time, it's easier to get to versus constantly going into my bag to get my wallet.
  • The second is an online exclusive from Urban Outfitters. If you know who The Blonde Salad/Chiara Ferragni is, you'd know what this case is! Usually Urban Outfitters says if the product is another brands so I'm not sure if this one is from Chiara's collection or not! I've seen it on sale for the same price which makes me unsure if this could be the real thing or not! Either way, it's much cheaper than Chiara's (sold for around $60) and it's insanely adorable! So take super cute photos with this case or get it for someone who loves taking mirror pictures haha. Unfortunately, they only have it available for iPhone 6/6s users.
  • 5) Record Player

  • For all you music lovers, an old fashioned record player is perfect. I always hear that listening to vinyls is much better so if you or someone you know loves music like no tomorrow then consider getting them a record player! It's definitely more on the expensive side but I've been told so much or have seen enough videos on it that I'm positive any music lover will love this gift.
  • Note: Although the photos of anything related to mobile devices are of Apple's iPhones, these kinds of gifts are applicable to any mobile device of course!

    Finally, hope this tech accessories holiday guide was helpful and you found some great stocking stuffers/gifts this season! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite tech accessory is or what you plan on getting someone for the holiday season.

    Angels Inspired: Looks for Winter

    Monday, November 30, 2015
    In the spirit of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show premiering on TV, I thought I'd take some winter looks from some of the angels to make some inspired looks. We mostly see these models on the Victoria Secret runway but off the runway, they have killer style. My personal favourite is the newest angel, Taylor Marie Hill. I absolutely love how she still maintains her youth but at the same time, can look sophisticated. Her outfits always look chic and they seem like the comfiest outfit in the world! I also love how she can be seen wearing the same item in a different way. The thing I dislike about some celebrities is that they're rarely seen wearing the same item twice so I love how Taylor re-wears items. While I was looking for winter outfits from the current VS angels, I actually couldn't come across as many as I thought I would. It's as if most angels stick to warmer climates!


    Outfit Details
  • Coat - H&M (alternative)
  • Boots - H&M (alternative)
  • Scarf - ASOS (alternative)
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - Forever 21
  • Boots - Artica
  • Sweater - Forever 21
  • Pants - Forever 21
  • Hat - Forever 21

    Outfit Details
  • Coat - Forever 21
  • Boots - Steve Madden
  • Scarf - Forever 21
  • Hat - Forever 21
  • Outfit Details
  • Coat - Forever 21
  • Boots - Sorels
  • Sweater - Forever 21
  • Pants - Uniqlo
  • STYLE STEAL: Bethany Mota

    Friday, November 27, 2015
    Every time I'm on the Zara website, I can't help but notice how similar a sweater is to the one Bethany Mota wore to her DWTS rehearsal on Halloween (oh how time flies). Hers is from Urban Outfitters and was pretty much sold out quickly! I decided to do a style steal post on it since her style has been changing a lot compared to her old videos (which I'm totally for). The sweater is still available in store even if it's sold out on the website! On a side note, I'm totally loving style steal posts more than I thought I would! I keep finding all of these things and just want to show it to someone. If you enjoy these kinds of posts, be sure to say so in the comments :) Also, what's your favourite outfit Beth has worn?
    Outfit Details
  • Sweater - Zara
  • Jeans - Hollister
  • Holiday Gift Guide (under $50)

    Thursday, November 26, 2015
    Tis the season! Christmas is my favourite holiday to celebrate and I absolutely love buying gifts but being a student and working part-time only, it gets pretty difficult finding great and thoughtful gifts but also affordable ones. I originally was going to write a post with no limit but then I thought, most people are probably like me, struggling finding amazing gifts without hurting their bank account too much; it's always hard when you want to purchase multiple gifts for that special someone but not being able to afford it. So, alongside to showing what is out there and affordable in stores, I thought this gift guide could also encompass another important thing: some tips on how to save money. Click the image if you want to be redirected to the original website!

    1) Storage - Makeup, Jewelry, Accessories, etc.

  • I don't know about you but I'm one of those people who has a lot of jewelry and knows that I need a better way of storing things but can't seem to bring myself to invest in a good storage unit for my stuff. Also, I can never seem to justify a $30 purchase on a cosmetics bag, even if I need one. I think buying something for people to store their stuff will end up paying off because they will be able to get so much use out of it. There's been a lot of favourites I've come across recently so here are a few:
  • 2) Makeup: Value Sets

  • Even if you have to go inexpensive for Christmas gifts, it doesn't mean you can't find something they'll love, even if it's small. There are so many value sets/deals that you can get during the holiday season. Sephora is always great for value sets if you wanted high end brands but I know I wouldn't mind receiving a bunch of NYX or drugstore products either. I'm hardly at Sephora to purchase items because of the price but I also wait until there's a sale at the drugstore for products as well. Getting a few little things like that will pay off in the long run, especially if the person you're buying a gift for is interested in makeup!
  • 3) Gift Sets: Body Products/Relaxation

  • Honestly, I'm not much of a Bath and Body Works (B&BW) person nor do I ever take baths so Lush products are not something I would get any use of but I would be lying if I said I didn't like all the scents at B&BW or looking at the pictures that Lush bath bombs make. Body products like these can become pricey because for some products, they're one-use (like bath bombs). I always appreciate gifts but I could safely say that getting small items like B&BW body wash and lotion, something you wouldn't normally have a justified reason for purchasing it is always my favourite kinds of gifts.
  • 4) Winter Apparel

  • If you're someone who lives in a cold climate like I do then winter apparel is probably something you need to keep warm. I remember not bothering on investing in a hat or earmuffs for the longest time (I actually only started wearing a winter hat this year). For me, even though I needed to keep warm, winter apparel is always expensive for good quality items so if someone is like me and too stubborn to purchase winter apparel like a simple hat or scarf, they will definitely thank you! ALSO, Express has more affordable winter apparel that's currently on sale. I just put Roots Canada because I love that brand and would 100% recommend it.
  • 5) Polaroid Film

  • Good ol' polaroids! I remember using my Instax 7s in high school and hating it when I have to buy more film. Since there's only 10 and you usually get a box of 2 packs, 20 images can go buy really fast. I love all the new kinds of films that have come out at Urban Outfitters recently! They're not the typical white bordered polaroid but it's more modern and fun. I'll always love the classic but you can never go wrong with buying polaroid film with someone who has an Instax camera.
  • 6) Prepaid Credit Cards

  • There's always that person where you really don't know what to get them. I know cash and gift cards are always great but I personally would recommend prepaid credit cards, especially for teenagers. I know when I was a teenager (that's so weird to say!), I never knew about prepaid credit cards so even though for most of high school I couldn't order anything online, which I wanted to do for the longest time, I would've loved receiving a prepaid credit card! Even though cash and the prepaid credit card could have the same value, some people don't know of their existence so giving the ability to order online for teenagers is a great option! Visa and Mastercard both provide prepaid credit cards with different denominations.

  • 1) Don't forget about Cyber Monday! Sometimes it's even better than Black Friday (or even the deals before Black Friday)
  • 2) Shop at places that allow you to combine coupons and store promotions (for instance Express does (when it's not a store wide promotion) this so I always end up saving a lot!)
  • 3) Always ask if they have free gift boxes
  • 4) Always ask for a gift receipt
  • 5) Don't forget to have fun!
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